Wednesday, July 4, 2012

No Picnic Today

Too hot for a picnic?  Yes!  Called mom to tell her NOT to make potato salad as I was not grilling today.  We'll go out for burgers and then over to mom's for watermelon.  Mom loves picnics but it is way too hot for eating on the deck, and indoor picnics don't cut it with me.

Coral gave us a scare yesterday.  When I let her out of her crate she was wild-eyed, panting, and had trouble with her balance (more trouble than she normally has).  AND she would not eat her breakfast - a bad sign in normally enthusiastic eaters.  Only thing different in her life was that she had gotten her first Proin tablet the previous evening, as she has started to have trouble holding her urine - not unusual for spayed 14-year old female dogs.  When I checked the side effects of Proin, they matched up with what I was seeing.  Apparently Coral has a sensitivity to the active ingredient in Proin.  When I checked with the Vet he said there was no way to reverse the effect and it would have to work it's way out of her system.  She laid around most of the day, and although she was still breathing hard, the panting stopped.  By dinner time she was ready to eat a chicken back, although a bit more slowly than normal.  This morning she is back to normal.  Still creaky and a bit wobbly, but that's how she was before the Proin incident.  So, I guess Ron will just have to take her out every couple of hours.  He kept Coral's grandpa Morris going with extra attentive care, and will do the same for Coral.

Pups are doing great, got their pen changed yesterday.  They can now come and go from their box, and have more room to play, and Pauli can escape to her crate when she needs to "get away".  Need to get updated pictures today!

Christopher has a home!  He went on a try out Sunday, to be sure he fit in OK with the 16 year old Dal cross and 3 year old Viszla.  A very nice family with two well behaved little girls.  Patti is pleased that Chris will live in a family with kids.  Rex got a name change to Canuck, and Christopher will get his changed too.  Jordyn & Magic are still Jordyn & Magic.

Letty's new home is official now.  We did the paperwork last night, including the contract and transferring her AKC registration.  The file also included a certified pedigree, her BAER hearing tracings, and OFA hearing confirmation.  I miss her like crazy, but she's in absolutely the perfect home.  Have a good life, Letty girl!

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