Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Adventures

Love this picture of Argus, "painted" in Photoshop.  How cool is that?  Someone who has one of Argie's grandsons did this just for fun.  Love it!  I've ordered a big print of it for my wall.

Today the pups will be venturing outdoors to expand their world.  They've been exploring the basement every evening, and have come up into the living room to check things out, but it's been too hot outside for them.  The heat finally broke and it's beautiful today.  Once we get the housework done and the yard mowed, the pups can do some exploring.

This weekend I will also go visit Christopher and his new family, finish the paperwork, and take a picture of everyone for Patti.  Sounds as if he is doing well, and has fit into the family which includes two little girls, an elderly Dal mix and a 3 year old Viszla.  Viszla are just as silly and busy as Dalmatians, so Christopher and "Olive" should keep each other entertained.  Actually, Chris is getting a new name too as Christopher just does not seem right for a dog.

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