Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Only Money

Electrician working away, checking out the electrical circuits in this old house.  Dogs are crated to keep them for "helping".  It's gonna be a long day for the spoiled doggies.  All the lights are on, the dishwasher and washing machine are running, the microwave will be too when he gets to that circuit.  There will be some kind of spike in my electrical usage for today!  I have trouble walking through the house without turning off lights - have been trying to reduce my electric bill, and have actually brought it down every month this year (compared to the previous month and year).  The gas, not so much with the nasty weather and Endless Winter.

This is part of my "retirement planning", to get some major projects taken care of now, so I can concentrate on the smaller projects once I retire.  Need to be able to sell this house someday so I'd better get moving.  Lots of "deferred maintenance" to deal with.  What I really need is MONEY.  Oh well, I've survived this many years without much of it.

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