Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Step One

Big expenses in my future as I took the first step towards getting my old house rewired.  A visit from the Electrician who did a quick walk-through of my house, and explained the CurrentSAFE program to me.  I signed up for the evaluation, and am scheduled for Wednesday - all day Wednesday.  They will be checking all wiring, outlets, junctions, fixtures, circuit breakers, and things I've never heard of, using a variety of equipment that does not require them to open up or cut into anything (increasing the danger of fire).  All risk spots will be identified and prioritized, we will meet again with the electrician to discuss the findings, and I can  then decide how much I want to replace, change or fix.  No matter what, this is going to be expensive!

It's actually a step toward retirement though, as SOMEDAY I will want to sell this house. but before I do that I need to put some money into it so it will be marketable.  And safe.  Because I am refinancing this spring, it's a good time to take on this project too and roll it into my new mortgage.  I'll never get the house paid off, so I might as well accept that and do some major work on it now.  Besides, I have to live SOMEWHERE.

Gotta start buying lottery tickets or something.

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