Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Musing

Wish we had a Holiday called Easter Monday as I am so not ready to go back to work today.  A extra day off would be really nice about now, but no three-day weekends until Memorial Day.

Things will be getting tense at work as our busiest time is approaching and we are losing one of our best workers who just took a job with another State Agency.  Really bad timing for us as it takes forever to hire, and we're not likely to get a new person with skills that will help us anytime soon.  How I wish we had "loyal" employees, but we don't have "loyal" employers, and it works both ways.  Have to decide if I want to work overtime - not the ideal time of year to do it though.  Just glad I don't have puppies planned and am not campaigning a dog.  The person who is leaving is my backup, so when I'm off to the National for a week there will be NO ONE with either the time or the training to do my job.  Should be interesting.

A very nice Easter celebrated with family, following a spectacular Saturday that finally felt like Spring.  Back to cold and windy for a few more days, then some more Spring.  The overnight freeze meant that the pups could do no digging this morning, so the cold was not all bad!

Max will be missing his last night of the PetCo Puppy Class, no big loss.  The class was useful for a bit of extra practice and I don't regret spending the money.  I wish a couple of my classmates would sign up for a "regular" obedience class through a training school, but I suppose if they do any additional training it will be another foo foo class at PetCo.  None of my business, and at least they will get "some" training.  The test on Thursday night will be more fun, and hopefully will qualify Max as an AKC Star Puppy.

Instead of puppy class this evening we will have a visit from an electrician.  We're doing the CurrentSafe program that will detect any hotspots in my wiring - things that could cause fires.  Am SURE I have those as my house is 100 years old and has lots of original knob & tube wiring.  I'll get an estimate to on having my wiring brought up to code, something I will have to do before I sell the house anyway.  Have a feeling that it will be quite expensive, but it's gotta be done.  The joys of owning an old house . . .

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