Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's STILL Only Money

Josie, Max & Fern sharing the sofa

Did the deed, signed the contract to have the house rewired.  Also committed to the home refinancing at a significant drop in interest.  Scary!  I know I won't have the house paid off by the time I am ready to sell, so I might as well get the wiring taken care of now.  There's a significant risk of fire in these old homes with overloaded circuits, brittle old knob & tube wiring, outlets that are not grounded, fixtures that are not in boxes, cracked outlets that are not properly seated, and way too many extension cords.  A new circuit box scheduled for later this month, with the balance of the rewiring to be done probably in May.  It's only money, but it's also peace of mind.  Much of the other work that needs to be done around here can be done by me, or as individual small projects.  Gotta be able to sell this house someday!

Still not sure who is going along with me to DCA, but it's looking more and more as if I am taking three dogs, with Max going along for the ride.  It will be fun to see him with his sisters Piper and Melitta, and I'm still considering a repeat breeding next fall or winter, depending on how these pups look at the time.  Sure can't ask for better dispositions!


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