Saturday, April 13, 2013

We're Out Of Here

Max hasn't a clue why everyone else is so excited, unless it's just because Jess is here.  She stayed overnight so we could get an early start - which will be soon.  Jess is the master packer here, so I do the basics and she squeezes in and straps down everything else.  Everything fits, just barely.  Good job Jess.

It's snowing lightly, so this will be the first year we've left for the National in snow.  Forecast for St. Louis changes from day to day, but at least part of the week should be warm.  Just so we get some sun.

Off to have fun.  This is probably Argus's last DCA and perhaps his last long trip, as hopefully we will have youngsters to show in the future, and extra dogs take up space.  This is going to be a special week for him, as he loves to travel and schmooze at the shows.  He is SO excited right now, clings to me like velcro to be sure he gets to go too.

We're outta here!

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