Monday, April 8, 2013

Wanted - Spring Weather

The brave little tulips are sure Spring will eventually be here, but Mother Nature is sure stubborn this year.  Yesterday was relatively warm and we had a nice Spring rain last night.  Chance of snow the next couple of days, perhaps three inches.  Or more.

We're heading off for St. Louis (actually Gray Summit, MO.) very early Saturday AM.  It's supposed to be warm down there this week, but cooling off on Friday.  What happens on Saturday?  Snow?  We'll be accused of bringing along the bad weather!  Lots of outdoor activities planned for Specialty week, including the Road Trial, the yearly Whine & Cheese Party (not an official event, but organized by someone every year), and a Pot Luck.  The latter two will be held in the motor home parking area, so good weather will make them a lot more fun - but we'll have them no matter what the weather.  A lot of the socializing at the National is done while walking dogs, and good weather will also make that a lot more fun.

Still debating on whether to take Max along.  He'll be incredibly bored if he stays with Ron, Watson & Josie for the week.  Not sure I can manage three dogs - but I've done it before, and Max is a great traveler.  I could leave Argus behind as he's not likely to come out a winner this year - I wish he was 3 years old instead of 7 1/2.  A couple of Max's sisters will be there, and it would be fun to have Melitta, Piper (was Sanka) and Max together for a little family reunion.  Just wish we had a 4-6 month class so I could show him.

Not sure I will ever be ready to leave - the To  Do List is still far too long!

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