Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tired Of Winter!

Dog Walking
NOT fun when it's -14 degrees for the last walk of the night and the first walk of the morning. Because Violet is in season she is not running with my dogs and is confined to the basement. Not lonely or boring for her there as my fish tanks are in the basement so I spend a good deal of time down there. However, we walk visiting ladies four times a day as it is good for their physical and mental health -but less good for mine! Violet is actually quite sensible about the whole thing and after a couple of blocks she turns around and heads back. Learned the route right away and takes me directly home when she's had enough of the cold. I'm sure when the weather warms up a bit she won't be willing to settle for such short walks.

Not Quite Ready Yet
I've introduced Argus and Violet twice so far, but she is not quite ready to be bred yet. Pretty close tonite, but probably just a day early, so hopefully she will stand tomorrow. That will make for an extra busy day, as I will be having dinner with my mother and watching Westminster dog show on her TV (I don't have cable). It's a "family tradition" for us, and we both enjoy it.

Painful Afternoon
Had hoped to work on my website today, but spend the afternoon moving furniture and laying bedroom carpeting. Hope I am not too stiff tomorrow AM when I have to get up and walk Violet! The poor website always seems to be put off because something else needs to be done.

Time to go feed the fish, walk Violet, and go to bed.