Sunday, November 24, 2013

Little Dogs

The pups will be 4 weeks old on Tuesday and are starting to act like little dogs now.  They wag their tails to greet me, wrestle with one another, have started playing with toys, and are leaving the whelping box to pee on papers.  Keeping the nest clean is an inborn response, so if you give the pups a chance to be clean, they will.

Lots of company now as the pups are so cute and really benefit from being handled by new people.  Individual personalities are showing up too and each of the pups is a bit different already.  Jack Pine is very silly and outgoing, the life of the party like Max was.  Fulton is more laid back, brave and friendly but not quite as busy.  Surly is a very quiet pup, sleeps hard and is the least active.  Summit acts much like Fulton, an average pup, while Schell(y) is more active and playful, but the most inclined to startle if you reach for her too fast.  She'll get lots of extra handling over the next couple of weeks.  That's Surly and Schell(y) in the picture above.  They were both fascinated with the rubber chicken.

Pups also had their first meal.  Just goats milk today, but I will gradually start adding eggs and turkey over the next few days.