Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Still No Website

As I figured, my website is gone. Two more communications from Network Solutions, one inviting me to call them and and another do-it-yourself message that tells me if I redelegate my domain name to the new website host I will lose my email address. Why should I? The domain name will still be registered through them, so why should it make any difference? This is all too crazy. When I call today I will get some flunky in India with no knowledge of the problems I have encountered, and no actual working knowledge of what needs to be done. Just a list of stock answers to stock questions that I already KNOW won't help me. I've now gotten 5 different solutions, none of which work and most of which don't even address the question I have asked. I thought by leaving my registration with Network Solutions I could preserve my email address, but that does not seem to be the case. What a mess. I don't want to have to understand this kind of crap, I just want it to work correctly. I'm SO pissed. And why the heck was I never notified that Geocities would pull the plug on websites???

Other than that continuing aggravation, things are going well. I spent the evening redoing several tanks and moving the extra Honduran Red Points out of the tank with the new babies. Mom & dad HRP are working really hard to protect their offspring so I made it a bit easier for them. Only other inhabitants are a couple of ancistrus that I added to remove the algae on the back of the tank, and a couple of Amano shrimp who survived the addition of the HRPs to the tank. The red swords that previously lived there are doing fine in a smaller tank with some of their non-red relatives, and all the cherry shrimp who also lived there seem to have been eaten. Fortunately, several of the other tanks are well stocked with cherry shrimp.

Have not seen one of the Firemouths for a few days, so hopefully she is guarding eggs. If not, I'll do a massive water change this week and try to get things moving along. Not sure they can raise fry in a tank with 5 Angelfish, so may have to siphon out any babies and raise them separately. No other tanks large enough for 5 large Angels.

Today I will call the furnace people and confirm that I want a new furnace. The price seems reasonable and it certainly won't be cheaper next year.

It's supposed to be near 60 today and sunny. We'll see. Think I need to leave work early and get some yard work done as this may be my last chance as it will be cold and windy and possibly snowy later in the week. What happened to fall?