Monday, January 18, 2010

Jaime's Back

Jaime is home and tells me that he had an excellent time. Skip & Gia returned him about 8:00 PM and said he'd been a good boy and they really enjoyed the antics of the two dogs. Because they took about 200 pictures of the boys playing, I anticipate more cute shots to post.

What an awesome football game! Vikes mopped up the floor with Dallas, and one of the announcers had the audacity to accuse them of running up the score. This is pro sports pal, not a kids' competition, and the players are paid to play for 60 minutes, not for trying to spare the opponent's feelings. Couldn't believe it! Lots of Facebook postings about the game, which made it even more fun, including a lot of Brett Favre fans who are now cheering for the Vikes.

Although the weather and the main roads have been good for a couple of weeks, there is "something" on the way for midweek or later, either snow or freezing rain. Figures, since I have a dog show in Wisconsin next week, but entering winter shows always comes with the risk that I may not get there. Shows in Chicago the following week, plus we have to get Ella bred too. Printed the upcoming panels off the AKC website so I can plan my shows for the next couple of months and decide which specialties I'll try to make.

Decided to rent a DVD yesterday because I wanted to see "Julie & Julia". Such fun! I am not normally a movie watcher (last one I saw was "Ratatouille"), but I really enjoyed Julia. Had not realized that Julie was also a Blogger, which added an extra dimension to the plot. Can't remember when I last rented a movie, but it was about the time they were just starting to switch over to DVDs at Blockbuster - some time ago! I was still in their system, but had to do a new application. Although we have a DVD playing that connects to the elderly TV, I'm not sure it can be used along with the converter box, so rather than screwing that up I watched the movie on my portable DVD player which worked just fine. Who needs a big screen anyway? Had thought of seeing Avatar this weekend, but two movies in one weekend?

The newest fish seem to be settled in just fine. The four pairs of Limias (tridens and melanogaster) are eating well in their adjoining tanks and a couple of the females appear to be pregnant. Hoping to find some of the Humpbacked Limias too, but they seem to be a rare commodity and I can't even find them on Aquadbid. May sell off my group of Limia vittata (Cuban Limias) to make room, but they are such trouble-free fish and doing so well in their large species only tank. A nice little colony with fish of all ages.

The Goo Obo Gudgeons (their Latin name does NOT roll right off my tongue yet) are just like the group I purchased several years ago - really spooky, like some of the shyer cichlids, and only come out to explore and eat when they think I am no where near. They are in a planted tank with plenty of hiding places and will eventually (I hope) become more confident. I added half a dozen fancy Guppies to the tank to set a good example and encourage the new fish to be bolder. The Betta picta on the other hand are quite confident and have already associated me with food. "Ah, here's that strange being who brings glassworms, blackworms and bloodworms. Let's greet her!" Am always amazed at the differences between species. Desert Gobies & Peacock Gudgeons are quite similar in appearance (but not in color) to the Goo Obos, but are much bolder. The Knight Gobies are somewhat timid, but nothing like the GOs.

The Liberty Mollies (Poecilia salvatore) I purchased at the fall auction are doing well. They started off looking like the proverbial "little gray ditch fish", a term that if often applied to wild livebearers, but now that the males have colored up they are quite handsome. The dominant male has a red tail, and a red, white & blue striped dorsal - very attractive! The Allodontichthys tamazulae however are still gray fish, but with pleasing personalities. I have a reverse trio (two males, one female) but the fish are older and the female may not spawn again. This is an uncommon livebearer so I will hope they are not too old.

Today is Good Will day and my car will be filled with things to deliver to them - if Ron doesn't put everything back where I found it! He is a "collector" and hates to give up anything, even MY things, no matter how long it has been since it's been used. Having lived in this house for almost 38 years I've accumulated a lot of stuff, and every now and again I feel CROWDED. Just too much stuff! Although I tease Jess that I will leave it all for her to go through when I die, that's not really practical. If I have to sell the house for health or financial reasons, I don't want to deal with everything then, so I do periodic Stuff Reductions! While Ron is walking dogs, I will take everything out to the car.