Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dalmatian Colors

Liver, black, liver, black

Someone asked recently about liver-factored blacks and I never got around to responding.  Finally occurred to me that there is no point in reinventing the wheel, as I have an excellent color resource on my website.  Although the color pages were done a long time ago, most of the information is correct although there have been a few "discoveries" that affect the non-standard Dalmatian colors.  I've also received a number of pictures that I'll add when I finally get around to updating my website.  Sorry the pictures are rather small on the website, but it was created at a time when most of us only had dial up Internet connection, and it took the pages a long time to load unless the picture file were small and compressed.

Sue MacMillan's Dalmatian Color Pages

So if you want information and pictures of black & liver, lemon & orange, tri-color, brindle, trindle (brindle tris), blues and long-coats, check out my link.  The color page is also linked to a page on patching.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Pups Coming

Meet Jingles & Bella, two 6-week old pups from Argus & Tess C.  They will be traveling to Minnesota sometime after Westminster.  I have no idea where they will end up, or if either will stay wit me.  We'll see how they develop.  Ideally, Jingles would stay in the area and perhaps go on a co-ownership, with my keeping the option to show him.  Bella may be competing with Mariah for a permanent spot in Paisleyland.


And then there's Eddie who is still down with Lisen & Jerry in Iowa, but will be spending some time in Canada before I make a final decision on him.
We'll see how he develops, and whether he should go to a show home or a pet home. 
Although you can show any dog without a breed disqualification, and many people do show dogs that are less than outstanding, we don't.  Only the very best dogs get shown, the ones who can finish their championships quickly and with excellent records.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Count Down To Westminster

A gaiting shot of Argus

OK, who stole my weekend?  Lots accomplished, but still oh so much to get done before we leave.  House is reasonably clean as I hate coming home to a mess - and I can count on Ron to be an "enabler" there.   He sees no point in wiping down counter tops, or sweeping up dog hair,  but he takes good care of the dogs and fish, so I can hardly complain.

Took mom to dinner yesterday - she was eager to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant as long as we were home in time to watch the Superbowl.  And what a fine game it was!  Way to go, Packers!  Mom is doing very well for an 86 1/2 year old!

Spent much of Sunday shopping and got some excellent deals on slacks and sweaters, a new rug, and a new shower curtain (I WILL get that bathroom finished).  Never found the perfect suit, but I do have a gorgeous new Paisley jacket and the suit I wore last week is quite dressy, and is obviously a good luck garment. Everyone reminds me that if you go Best of Breed, you have to go shopping for something new to wear in the group.  I have no expectations of going Best Of Breed in that fabulous competition, and I KNOW I'd rather watch the dog show than go shopping!

Chatted with Meg who will be joining us for some of our New York City adventures. Because she goes to the Garden every year, she knows all the right places to eat!  It may be a dog show, but it's also a vacation!

Loved this gaiting shot taken by a ringside photographer last weekend.  Argus does not have the big "flying trot" that came into vogue when Spotty made his debut many years ago.  Dalmatians are not supposed to move like German Shepherd dogs, racing around the ring like they are being pursued.  They are supposed to move like carriage dogs, at an easy, efficient, ground covering trot.  Dals should trot with level backs (no rumps in the air like so many gaiting shots), moderate head carriage (with their heads neither upright nor totally level with their bodies), and their gait should be balanced front and rear - sort of like two pairs of scissors with blade angles that match.  This picture was shot at exactly the right time, and I love the way it shows the left front foot lifting off he ground an instant before the left rear foot touches down.  Most gaiting shots show the rear foot passing on the inside or outside of the front foot.  "Over reaching" is only correct for German Shepherds and perhaps Brittanies.