Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Introducing Marvelous Mira

Mira and her mom Fern
Introducing "Mira", officially known as Paisley Marvelous Mira.  Hopefully she will some day have titles on both ends of her name, if she continues to show potential for the breed ring (dog shows).  Her littermates have gone on to wonderful homes, and it's time to enjoy Mira as a new member of the household.

Mira is the pup we kept from our recent litter by Ch. Snowood Paisley "Duncan" Disorderly ex AKC/UKC Ch. Paisley Fabulous "Fern".  Her brother Feeney, now known as Axel, was also considered to be show potential and will be doing obedience and agility as well.  The other pups were placed as companions. Although they were very attractive pups and could certainly have been shown, we only place the very best pups in show homes. 

Mira and Grandma!
Mira is fitting in well here, and has quickly caught on to the routine.  Her house manners are excellent, and if she has an accident inside it's because we got distracted and were not paying attention.  Then we joke about taking a rolled up newspaper and hitting ourselves over the head!  Crate training has gone smoothly too, and Mira sleeps in a dog crate in the kitchen at night.  Ron takes her out before he comes to bed (late) and I take the dogs out about 7:00.  No fussing at all - good dog Mira.

We had a lot of fun with this litter, and the pups are in excellent homes.  Everyone was healthy, attractive, and very friendly, which made everything a lot easier.  Most of the homes had previously owned Dals, but this was a first Dal for the young family that purchased Summerset, now Chaos.    We put an enormous amount of time into this litters, and are very pleased with the results.

Both Duncan and Fern are robust, healthy dogs and have the CHIC numbers for health testing.  OFA hips, elbows, eyes, thyroid, and BAER tested hearing.  Hopefully their offspring live long healthy lives and bring their new owners much joy.  We're certainly enjoying Mira.

Tomorrow - Bringing Up Mira.