Friday, April 27, 2012

Stop Poisoning Us!

Some angry letters or phone calls scheduled for today!
When I took Amery for her walk last night, we went over to St. Catherine's College as a special treat.  They have a large grassy campus with trees and a pond, which is a nice change of pace for the dogs.  My part of the city has no parks for walking, so many people walk on the various college campuses - we have 3 large ones within a mile or two.   Although we can walk along the river, I don't care to do that in the evening.  Yes, I had Amery on leash and carried clean up bags. 
I ALWAYS watch for lawn spray signs when walking dogs in the city and have noticed a lot of yard signs recently, so I know "they" are busy poisoning the environment. No signs in the normal places at St. Kate's, but a very very faint chemical smell. Was it my imagination?   I checked again, but no signs by either of the gates, where they are normally posted.  Kids play in the center area of the campus, so that's the logical place to post them.
I kept watching for signs, just in case, but none near the pond either.  That's a popular place for families who come to watch and feed the ducks, or admire the egrets and blue heron.  Walked through the woods and out the other side and THERE was a single sign, in a place where no one would have seen it unless they were watching for it and had already hiked across the campus.   The whole center area, where kids play, and people walk their dogs was unposted. Another dog walker and I saw it at the same time and were both extremely angry. 
We raced over to the driveway and got out of there quickly, and Amery got a complete bath when we got home. UGH!

I HATE the wholesale use of chemicals on lawns and I thought it was the law that these companies had to post when they spray!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

All Is Well

Lucy and pups are doing well in Thunder Bay.  Looks as if the litter consists of one black girl, one black boy, and two liver boys.  Since Lucy is a liver factored black, and Indie is a liver, and because liver is a simple recessive, those results are what you would expect (though it doesn't always work out quite so evenly).  Now, if we could change one of the liver boys to a girl everything would be perfectly balanced! Because Lucy's family wants to keep a male to show, this works out well as there are more for them to pick from.  It will be interesting to see if the whole family can agree on just one puppy!

Amery and I went to handling class on Tuesday, to get ready for the shows this weekend and the National the following.  She was a very good girl and worked quite well for me.  It's easy to tell that Laurie did a good job of raising her, and Amery's easy going personality makes her very nice to work with.  Wish this one lived at MY house, but after the National she will go back home with Laurie until we are ready to show her again.

Certainly sounds as if Pauli is pregnant, so everyone who was waiting for a puppy (and was disappointed that Lucy did not have more pups) will have a second chance.  Normally energetic Pauli has already slowed down, and Jess says she is perfectly content to spend most of her time sleeping on a corner of the sofa.  Pauli will be with me next week, while Amery goes back to Jess for a few days before we leave for the National.  Musical dogs again!   After the National Pauli will go back home to Wendy for awhile, but will be back here a few weeks later as her pups will be born at my house.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As is often the case, a recheck of the pups showed that one of the boys was actually a girl.  Hooray!  3 boys and 1 girl, color still pending.   Pups and Lucy are doing well.  I sent Patti an article on "early neurological stimulation" which is actually just some handling suggestions that helps to insure the pups reach their maximum potential.  Early handling can make a lot of difference.

So much to get done before we leave for the National in 10 days.  How can it be that close?  This coming weekend includes a dog show trip for the girls, with Argus riding along to supervise.  We want Amery to do a dog show trip and get into the showring a couple of times before the National.  We also need to be sure the girls can concentrate when they are in the ring together!  This should be interesting.  Amery and I will go to handling class tonight, for a bit of pre-show practice.  She's stacking for me, but we need some practice on exams and gaiting on a mat.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Good News, Bad News

Lucy had her puppies on Sunday, a couple of days earlier than expected, but everything was ready for the whelping.  She did a good job and Patti was there to keep an eye on things.  We never let our girls whelp unattended.  Lucy gave them a scare at the end when things stopped happening, and she was actually at the Vets being prepped for a Cesarean when the last puppy was born naturally.  Having had several pups born in the car on the way to the Vets, I know exactly what that's like.  Lucy herself was the last puppy in the litter she was from and a Cesarean was necessary to save her life - she was actually born dead, but the Vet's knowledge of acupuncture points stimulated respiration when nothing else would work.

Everyone who was hoping for a female pup will have to wait a bit longer as Lucy's four pups are all boys.  Sorry.  Her family wants to keep a boy so that works out fine for them, and with four to pick from there should be nice one for them.  No patches, and hopefully these boys will all hear. There are several people on my list who have been waiting for a black spotted show prospect female for a couple of years, so this is a disappointment for them.  There was one female pup, the second puppy born, who did not survive.  Very sad. 

We always tell new folks that you have to be tough to be a serious breeder.  This is not a hobby for the faint of heart, as there is way too much that can go wrong.  It was a pretty stressful day for Lucy's family, but Lucy is fine and the four boys are strong and healthy, so now the fun begins!

Guess it's a good thing we bred Pauli, if I want to keep a girl to show next year!  Hopefully she is pregnant, produces a larger litter, and has some girls!

Letty started her new exercise plan, daily walks with a friend of ours who is dogless (lives in an apartment with cats) and really enjoys walking and socializing dogs.  Letty is so bonded to me that I decided she needs to get really attached to someone else before I place her.  It will make the adjustment to a new home and a new person much easier for her.  She greeted Sue with enthusiasm and a wagging tail, so has come a long ways from the reserved puppy that she once was.  Unfortunately that wagging tail is still carried way too high for my taste, and a show career is not in her future.  Such a shame, as she is just gorgeous otherwise.  Exactly what I wanted.  Oh well, she'll be a beautiful pet for someone when the right home comes along, and I'll keep waiting for that perfect puppy who will become the next permanent resident.