Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well hopefully the new modem that is on its way from Qwest will solve my balky computer downloads and impossible uploads.  Because the average lifespan of a modern is 3 years, and mine gave me 5 years of service I can hardly complain.  Don't know why I assumed it would last forever.  I find my laptop/Netbook less than user friendly and have trouble seeing the screen and using the flat keyboard, so my blogs may be shorter for awhile.

Mariah did not leave for Arizona on Tuesday, but her leg is doing well and she's not fussing with the stitches.  She wears an e-collar when no one is around, but is learning to mange that.  Kay is working on the transportation issue, and we still have hopes of getting this worked out.  If not, she will be available a lot closer to home!  Such a good girl she is, but still small at 19 3/4 and 36 lbs.  The perfect size for a lapdog!

Reebok is doing well and is very easy to entertain.  There's lots of coming and going in the basement as my fish, the laundry, freezers and such are down there.  She's enjoying the 4 walks a day and we have explored all the alleys in the neighborhood.  No loose dogs which makes it a lot easier to walk bitches in season.  We ran a progesterone test on Monday and it came back at 6.03, which meant she was probably ovulating at the time.  Eggs take 2 - 3 days to ripen before they can be fertilized, so we are exactly where we should be.  Tried a breeding last night and all went well.  It would have been a day or two early, but the sperm lives with 4-5 days, so if we did not get another breeding we would probably be just fine.  We'll do two more breedings to maximize the chances of fertilizing as many eggs as possible - having the maximum number of sperm available when the eggs are ready to be fertilized..  Pups are normally born about 63 days after ovulation or 61 days after conception.  I have traditionally let the dogs pick the days, but it is nice to have science to fall back on too.  I could take Reebok in for another prpgesterone test, to see if the levels are continuing to rise (it will tell us that she did in fact ovulate) but with a young healthy bitch we will assume that everything went as it should,  Thinking puppies!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Things Never Go Quite According To Plan . . .

Am still unable to upload photos on my computer, and I've got some good ones to post.  If I can't get that fixed tonight I'll be forced to call in the Geek Squad. 

Saturday got off to a good start.  Puppy Eddie and I met up with Lisen, and she decided to ride along when I continued my road trip to pick up Reebok.  Lisen traveled to a few dog shows with me many years ago, and hopefully we'll be doing a bit of that in the future.  Rosie was right on schedule with Reebok who had a "cold tail", the first one Rosie had encountered.  Lots of theories about the cause of this problem, but I suspect it happens when a wet dog (recently bathed or swimming) shakes itself and slams its tail into something, causing a bruise.  The limp tail generally lasts for 2 or 3 days and causes few problems - except on dog show weekends!

Eddie is doing well at Lisen's and is exceptionally gentle with her grand daughter.  Because he lived with 4 kids and all their friends at the Pellas, he is very well socialized with children.  Reebok is doing very well too and I really like her, although I hope she does not mind walking in the rain as it is pouring here right now.  She's quiet and very sweet, and has been the perfect guest so far.  Because she's in season, she's in the basement with all the aquariums, so there's plenty of coming and going plus she gets 4 walks a day. 

Lucy went home with the Pellas yesterday and will be back for the fall shows, so almost everything fell into place.  Almost.  Mariah was supposed to fly off to Arizona on Tuesday to her new home with Kay.  Delta has a flight embargo (no live animals shipped) after 5/15 so we had to get the shipping done this week.  The weather was cooperating with a cool day scheduled for Tuesday (it has to be less than 85 degrees at both ends of a flight) and there was a flight that would work for both of us.  It was meant to be, or so I thought . . .

On Saturday evening Mariah went off with a friend of mine for a play session with doggy friends.  She came back with a large bloody gash in her front leg.  Because it went so deep the two sides of the wound were seperated and it obviously needed suturing.  Animal Emergency Clinic was backed up for hours, so I took her in early Sunday morning.  Happy Mother's Day!  Good thing I did as she required two layers of stitches, absorbent ones in the muscle, and 7 regular stitches in the skin.  Ugh.  Almost $500.00 for an unfortunate accident, but something that had to be taken care of.  As I tell people who are contemplating a puppy, dogs should be considered a luxury, although for many of us they are essential luxuries!

Because it's important that Mariah not bother the injured area, she has to wear an e-collar when she is not being supervised.  I would not want to fly her wearing one, and I doubt it would be acceptable to the airline.  Not sure that it would be safe to send her without the collar as she might bother the wound and pull the stitches.  It might also be hard on Mariah to adjust to a new situation while wearing the e-collar too, so this probably is not going to work.   A bummer for all, as I thought this would be that Perfect Home I was looking for for Mariah!  Stay tuned!

Argus knows he has a visiting lady but has not fussed about it at all, so Reebok is probably not quite ready to be bred.  Because of her jammed tail I don't want Argus trying to breed her before she needs to be bred.   Hopefully we can get in at Winsor's today for a Progesterone Test, to tell us how close she is to ovulation - but more on that later.  This blog will be covering dog breeding, whelping & puppy socialization - assuming everything falls into place!

And we need pictures!