Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Snow?

Guess this post will have to wait until this evening. New picture added of Gem.

Finally, a nice night for dog walking! 26 degrees felt positively tropical! We try to get each dog out for an individual walk every day. If it's below zero, they may only get to the corner and back, but it's still something they can count on and a bit of special time. Ron does the older dogs during the day, and I do the others in the evening. My neighborhood is relatively safe and I am comfortable walking after dark, at least with a dog. We try to keep the dogs as fit as possible, but if it continues to be this cold weather it will be tough. They don't need coats, and I do not put boots on them. If it's too cold, it's too cold.

Argus and I went a couple of miles, along our normal route. Wish cars would drive on the main streets instead of the side streets - it would make our walks more enjoyable. Bad Pauli has one good trait, being excellent off leash, so gets gets to run a bit. She loves leaping through snowbanks, but turns on a dime and comes back like a shot when called. I never let Argus off leash if there is traffic - he comes, but not immediately, and if there is a dog around he has to go introduce himself first. Argus gets his off leash exercise at the college campus when there are no other dogs around!