Friday, December 18, 2009

Off To The Dog Show I Hope

Things seem to be settled down here, so have hopes of going to Chicago this weekend. Looked over the panel and wondered why I'd entered, but hope springs eternal, or some such nonsense. Group judge today was our best bet, but there was no way I could get there for today's judging. Just hoping to have a good time with Ginger, Cheryl, Laura and of course my best buddy Argus. If all goes well I we will take off this afternoon, meeting Ginger at the Hotel in Chicago tonight and meeting up with Cheryl & Laura tomorrow. We shall see. Promised Argus we would try for one last motel/hotel stay this year as he loves to be "special" and sleep on the bed.

Got mom settled in at home yesterday, did her laundry, some cleaning, paid her bills and organized her medicine. Kris is coming in today for awhile, then it's sink or swim. It's either this or Assisted Living. The Physical Therapist said she could do all the things necessary for independent living - if she wanted to. It's up to her. The Physical Therapist is stopping by today, and I will talk with the visitng nurse. We still have to arrange for someone to come in to help with the chores like laundry and changing the bed. Not sure how much help she actually wants or needs.

Ron's doctors appointment went fine, although he has to go in again in a month to be checked out. Seems to feel fine - now if I can just keep him from shoveling (or sweeping) snow! My shoulder is still giving me problems so I do need to make arrangement for shoveling. Ugh. It sucks to get old.

Will be paying for my own Christmas gift today, some new fish that will be shipped after Christmas. Several species of Limia, and a couple of other wild livebearers. Need to reorganize some tanks to make room for the newcomers and need to move the A. compressiceps to a larger tank. Although it's a really slowgrowing species, the spawn of about 30 is outgrowing the tank they are currently living in. The fry normally have to be just 8 weeks for BAPPing (auctioned off at fish club meetings so I will get points/credits for spawning and raising them) but comps are so slow growing I will probably keep them for at least 4 months. I may sell off my colony of adults so I can try something else in that tank. I try hard not to get too attached to fish, but . . . Ought to sell one of the pairs of HRPs too, but the one pair are great parents, and the other pair are so gorgeous. The male would be perfect for showing at the fish show in April. The new planted tank is doing well and I need to decide what species gets to live there.

Time to feed dogs and head off to the office for awhile. Hope I can shake the headache I've been fighting all week!