Friday, June 13, 2014

Who Says They're Not Lapdogs?

Fern was delighted when Laurie came to visit.
Such a Velcro breed we have! 
Most Dals are not happy unless they are as close to their owners as they can possibly get.  Many of them want to be touching someone - always! 
We try to explain to prospective puppy buyers that if you want a dog who stays out of the way and is never under foot, do NOT get a Dal!  If they are not touching you, they are watching you.  Watching everything!  Such busybodies they are, and they'd hate to miss anything, especially if it involves food, play or a walk.
We always caution new puppy buyers that it's important to teach a puppy to spend some time alone, confined to a crate or a pen.  A pup who is raised with someone always around, expects that to continue, and may not react well to a change in schedule.  Even if you have the luxury of being home during the day, the pup needs a little crate time so he understands that crating is going to be part of his daily routine.   It's easy to do, and may save you a lot of trouble later.
I belong to a Facebook list called "Dalmatian Owners Of America".  I joined because some of the first time pet owners need input from experienced Dal owners, and a number of us try to provide useful advice.  A lot of behavior problems occur because new owners allow their dogs to develop habits that will eventually become a problem and will be very hard to break on an adult dog. Many of the Dals come from commercial or backyard breeders who provide little or no information on raising a Dalmatian puppy, while others are rescue dogs that come with issues.  The list will definitely provide lots of ideas for blog posts!

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Max and Mellie were the two pups I kept from the Ch. "Argus"/
Ch. "Holly" litter, whelped in November of 2012.  I kept Mellie because she had so many of the things I admired about her mother, and kept Max because he stole my heart at an early age! 
Mellie later went to Texas to live with her co-breeder Jana, and has become a very special dog in Jana's life.  Jana started showing Mellie as a pup and finished her Championship with a lovely record that included Best of Winners at the North Texas Specialty for a 5-point major.  Jana also showed brother "Bert" who had originally gone to a pet/companion home in Texas - Bert was actually the first from the litter to finish.
Max was shown very sparingly, a Specialty Reserve in Chicago at 6 months, 10 points including a Specialty major in Kansas at 11 months, another Specialty Reserve in Indiana at 15 months.  We'd hoped to finish him in Kansas (again) in March, but the major broke and he came home with 14 points.  Guess that was meant to be, as his next outing was the Chicagoland Specialty where he'd started out as an untrained, incredibly happy puppy the previous year.  On Saturday Max was BoW at Chicagoland for his 3rd major and 2nd Specialty win.  Good dog Max!
Winning in Kansas last Spring
I kept Max as my performance dog, and now that he's finished he'll go "back to school" to get ready for Rally and Obedience.  Absolutely love this dog!  Although I'll get his CHIC #, I have no plans to breed him, but we'll see what the future holds.
Two other girls from this litter are pointed and in pursuit of their Championships.  Good luck, Piper and Britt!
Max and Mellie's mom Holly (who lives in Texas with Jana) will come back to Minnesota this fall or winter, and will have a litter sired by Ch. "Ellsworth".  Hope there is a puppy in that litter for me!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We're Back!

The last piece of the puzzle has fallen in to place.  On Sunday Fern turned 2 years of age, and the next day she had her OFA hip and elbow x-rays. Both looked great and were sent off to OFA for evaluation.  They'll pass, as either Good or Excellent, and Fern will receive her CHIC number.  Hearing, eyes, and thyroid results are already list on her OFA page, as well as her complete dentition rating.   We'll also get her cardiac certification when a clinic is hosted locally.  We only breed from health tested dogs, and a CHIC number is a requirement here before we breed.  Fern has not yet come in season (but she's really close) so things are working out.  Was afraid she would be in season before she was old enough for hip x-rays (the dogs have to be at least 24 months of age. 
Fern finished her Championship this past Spring, going Winners at the Indianapolis Specialty for a 5 point major, and picking up 3 more points the next time out in Kansas City.  She's officially known as Am/UKC Champion Paisley Fabulous Fern.  We'll go for her Grand Championship when she's finished with motherhood.  Fern's parents Louie and Pauli are both AKC Grand Champions, UKC Champions (Louie is a UKC Grand Champion) and both have their CHIC numbers of course.  Fern's littermate Ramsay also finished his championship this spring, and had his hip x-rays yesterday as well.

The dog we have selected for Fern is also an AKC Champion with a CHIC number.
Follow us and enjoy the upcoming puppies!