Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dog Shows

Well, we survived.  Max made his debut and I was not mortified by his ring manners, or lack of same.  Although he was incredibly silly, he did show somewhat better than Argus did at this age, and we mostly got good stacks.  Gaiting was more of a problem as he was so busy watching everything, and really wanted to play with the dog who was gaiting behind him.   I was pleased that he went Reserve at the first specialty under a judge I respect.  No more real shows for another month or so which will give us time to work on gaiting and we'll do a weekend of UKC shows later this month.  Much as I find handling classes boring, I guess Max and Fern and I will be attending them regularly for awhile!

Gemma got a great start on her Grand Championship, going Best Of Opposite the first day and Select Bitch the second, for two 5-point majors.  Best of Breed at the second Specialty was Pauli who had a good Spring, having also won the Top Twenty at the National.  This particular win was a bit of a surprise though, as Pauli really isn't the type of dog normally used by that particular judge.  Oh well, surprises like that are certainly OK.

Judging was decent, weather was perfect, show site and motel were good, the pot luck at ringside was overwhelming, and everyone seemed to have a good time.  It was really nice to see 5-point majors in Dalmatian girls - it's been a long time since we've seen a weekend of big majors other than the National.

Jess and I do a lot of discussion and planning on the long dog show weekend drives, and I think we've finally figured out how to breed Amery IF she cooperates.   Unfortunately Amery is due in season in July, but won't be two years old until August, when she gets OFA hip xrays, and I won't breed her until she's had her health testing done.  When you are waiting for them to come in season they are always late, but if you want them to wait they come in early.  Fingers crossed for some cooperation from Amery!