Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where In The World Is Fujairah UAE?

My nephew who in the Navy posted to Facebook that they had Beer on the pier in Fujairah UAE . . . I know he is in the Middle East or thereabouts, but where in the world IS UAE? Knew it stood for United Arab Emirates, but where are those? Are they independent countries? How large? Is Fujairah a city? Friendly to servicemen? Resort for the wealthy? Another opportunity to use Google, as I use it many times a day - to answer my own questions. What did I do before Google? And why have I not pursued the idea of Droid so that I can Google whenever I want? Lots of stuff on Fujairah, for example it could be my next vacation destination. Do they have dog shows?
A little further research tells me there was a dog show in Dubai, there are pet friendly hotels in Fujairah, I can board my dog in the UAE and there are breeders as well. Such a small world we live in!

Spring is out in full force this week. Not quite as warm as it was last week, but bright and sunny and because of last week's rain everything is growing like mad. I got the fertilizer down before the rain came (organic Milorganite, safe for all of us) and seeded a couple of thin spots. My yard came through the winter well, the fall fertilizer must have made a difference. The hardy Azalea will be in full flower by the end of the day and it's starting to look more like a tree than a bush. Lovely! My perennials all seem to be doing well and the old Trolleus and Coral Bells are flowering, along with the Ajuga on the front slope. Too early for annuals, either flowers or herbs, but the Oregano & Marjoram I planted last year look good. Need to find a major use for Oregano as the plant is going to take over the herb bed. Won't be long now before I buy my tomato plants, and one of them will try out in the upside down tomato hanger.

Made Ron a short shopping list and included a LARGE bottle of Ibuprofen. Things are NOT going as well as I had hoped, and in addition to continuing ankle pain the opposite knee is becoming a problem. Have a PT appointment on Friday, as well as an appointment with the Sports Med doc on Tuesday for a second opinion. Hope she opts for an MRI as there is something amiss with my ankle, and the pain is not from the area of the break. Hoped I could get in sooner, but I suppose Sports Med docs are pretty busy this time of the year as everyone is outside and overdoing it.

The chiropractic visits seemed to help some and everything feels better the evening after the appointments. Additionally, I was able to bathe 3 dogs without a backache on Sunday - something I have not been able to do all in one day for a long time. Yesterday my ankle felt very good by evening so I went for a bike ride - one of the things I am supposed to be able to do - no hills of course, and I ended up with an excruciating pain in the front of my ankle. This morning it feels good again. I've tried a variety of shoes, looking for the most comfortable because my plantar fasciatus has flared up some and I have to be careful. Tried on a dozen pairs of shoes on Sunday and none were more comfortable than the ones I already own. I DID discover that all tie shoes put pressure where it causes pain, but slip ons make my knee feel worse, and no shoes at all (sorry boss) aggravate my foot problems. Jeez! My patience is running thin!

Stop whining Sue. It's a beautiful day, and things will get better!