Friday, August 13, 2010

Stop The Rain, Please!

After fretting over not enough rain for the past few years I never thought I would say that, but we've had enough for now. Another 1.75 inches on top of the 3.5 inches we got two days ago - and more in the forecast, along with the possibility of strong winds. With saturated soil already, that is sure to bring down some trees. Ugh. There was something on the news about how much these heavy rains are costing the city of Minneapolis as they have caused so many problems with the (deteriorating) roadways. Keeping up with current damage is preventing them from working on major projects that were planned for this year. Am sure this is a major problem in Iowa this year, both locally and statewide.

You may not believe in Global Warming, but anyone who watches the news has got to wonder about Climate Change, whatever the cause(s). Me, I've been a believer for a long time. Thank you, Paul Douglas.

Supposed to go to Albert Lea for dog shows this weekend. One day with a judge who ignored Argus in the group the only time she's ever seen him, and the other with a good breed judge and a group judge we've never shown to. Our competition is Pauli this weekend. The show always has a small entry, but this is record small I think. Some of the other Dals we might normally show against are in Ohio for the Specialty this weekend. Because we are doing Colorado next week, we had to skip Ohio. The Ohio club puts on excellent shows, but the judging panel was less appealing that Colorado's and perhaps the humidity will be lower in Greeley! Assuming the roads in Iowa are not washed out and we can actually get to Colorado.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ugh, Computer In Control

My computers says it's updating and doesn't give a damn whether or not I want it to do so. It will restart in 9:03 minutes, no matter what. Hey, who pays for the electricity and the Internet around here? Who's in charge here??? Don't tell me, I know.

Woke up too early and started worrying. Darn. Things are pretty scary at work, as so many people are taking advantage of the retirement buy out and will be leaving by the end of the current fiscal year. Who exactly will be left to handle the work load and change over to the new accounting system - which will only be supported for two months? Almost wish I was a couple of years older, but there is no point in wishing my life away. I'll just buy more lottery tickets!

And why am I so broke? Couldn't have anything to do with my electric bills and my two expensive hobbies, could it? We'll just blame the electric bill!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Audrey & Me

Ron took this picture of Audrey & me yesterday noon. As she continues to grow, I worry that high winds may take her down. She's tied up, attached to the fence behind her, so if she goes, so does the fence. I suspect that Cup Plants on the tall grass prairies were not quite as prosperous looking as she is! They grow 8 to 10 feet tall, but Audrey is somewhat taller than that already. Maybe I will figure out a way to measure her this weekend. Because she is in a raised bed she looks a foot taller than she actually is, and unfortunately that probably keeps her from sending out all the roots she needs for support.

3.5 inches of rain last night, unfortunately some of it in my basement. Went to bed at 10:00 and got up at 11:00 to check. Good thing I did as I had some mopping to do. One corner of my basement, between the new and old foundations, is prone to leaking when we get really heavy rainfall. That was one good thing about the droughty summers - no rain in the basement!

Project for the week - water changes in all 48 tanks as things will be busy here soon, with the trip to Colorado, the local Specialty weekend, and company. Want to get all the tanks done so that all I will have to worry about is the tanks with fish I am trying to get to spawn. Also need to free up a bigger tank for the Flexipenis vittatus - the three little guys are growing well and deserve to move up from a 2.5 gallon tank to at least a 5 gallon. The two 2.5s are handy for really small fish, but not nearly large enough for them to develop properly.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tomato Thief

Finally had to fence in the volunteer tomato plants that are spreading across the dog yard. None of these guys are big tomato eaters, but apparently Josie could not resist. When she came in yesterday morning, her head was covered with yellow tomato pollen, and one of the largest tomatoes was half eaten. That one had a hole in it (bird? mouse?) so must have given off a smell she couldn't resist! I've picked a couple of the tomatoes already and they are a good variety, whatever they might be!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Who Stole My Weekend?

OK, where did it go? Seems like it was just Friday, and suddenly another work week is looming. Such a fun weekend, but it went way too fast!

I was entered at the Canadian National but just couldn't bring myself to go. I feel badly that I did not support the club this year when it was "only" 8 hours away, and I even entered and sent a trophy donation, but just couldn't do it. Might have with a different breed judge, and more Americans on the panel, but most Canadian judges leave me cold. I want to take Argus back up and try for a Canadian Best In Show to go with our AKC, UKC & CACIB Bests, but it won't be to show to Canadians. I was pleased that Argus's Canadian son "Porter" won several Bests Of Breed & Group placements, and his daughter "Lucy" went Best Of Opposite at several of the shows. We were well represented.

What we did instead this weekend was family things, and had such fun! My brother has been here for his yearly visit from Costa Rica and stays with my mother, rents a car and visits old friends. The whole family got together on Tuesday which was great fun. On Saturday we had a picnic at my house, despite the awful weather - 95 & very humid. Ick! Al loves to cook and my mother had raved about the fish tacos she'd had when she visited in CR, so Al and I teamed up and did fish tacos with all the trimming, wonderful fresh salsa, Mexican rice (great new recipe) and Negra Modelo - had never had that before, but very good. Everything turned out well and we had such a nice time. Later I took mom home, and Al spent the night as I live close to the airport. Got up at 4:15 to take him there. It's always sad when he goes home, and we all shed a few tears. Al & my mother have always been particularly close, and they always wonder if it will be the last time they get together . . .

My daughter turned 38 yesterday - how can that be? Seems she was just a baby, then a Junior handler, then a working girl, and now? She came in on Sunday morning and we went out to brunch at the wonderful Caribbean restaurant that is only a few miles from here. We've had excellent dinners there, and the brunch was even better. It's never very crowded, despite awesome food, good service and reasonable prices. Hopefully they will make. We've seen so many fine restaurants come and go over the years, but this one seems to have everything it needs to survive. Hope so.