Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Major For Naughtia

A major for Naughtia last Sunday under one of our favorite judges. An excited phone from Ann who had driven (from Ohio) to shows in Tennessee. Bet the trip home was really easy! Naughtia has 7 points now, almost halfway to her championship. 15 points are required, including two "majors" which are wins of 3 or more points at one show. The number of points available at each show is based on the number of dogs and bitches who are shown, with only 1 dog and 1 bitch getting points. The maximum number of points available is 5, and most shows have far fewer. Dal entries are down, and it's often difficult to find majors, which can mean a lot of driving. Ann has some 2-point shows coming up for Naughtia, and is thinking of going to Michigan where there may be majors later in the month. It would be fun if Naughtia finished this year, but next year would be fine too. We're just pleased that Ann is hooked and Naughtia is doing so well!

When Tom Demma and I did a co-breeding of Boji to Argus, we split the litter between us. He took Rita as his first pick, and I took Ben. Then he took Sam & I took Naughtia. We both liked Lucy too, and she went up to Canada to live and be shown in breed and junior handling. I sent Ben to Diane to be shown, and later sent Naughtia to Ann. With Naughtia doing so well in the ring, I imagine that we will have to bring Lucy down next year to show. It would be fun to finish 5 as it was an exceptionally nice litter. I'm not big on showing everything "showable" just to pursue titles, but in this case all 5 dogs really are top quality.

Thanks to everyone who responded about the website. MAYBE by tomorrow it will come up with the correct address! This has been quite the learning experience. And once the site is back, I need to learn new software and start bringing the site up to date - but that's another story.

I need to do a bit of fishy research this weekend as I am really wanting an Elephant Nose. Nope, not on me. An Elephant Nose is a really odd looking fish, and I saw some nice looking healthy ones for sale last week. If I could get a tank redone, I'd give one a try, but they are good-sized fish with special needs, so it's not a decision to be taken lightly.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Website Still Missing

I was surprised at how many people think my blog is down. Apparently they always connected to the blog by going through the website, rather than just creating a link to the blog or saving it in favorites. Hopefully the website will be back by Thursday. Everything appears to be intact, but it will not appear under until the domain transfer is complete. It is currently hosted by Yahoo at
(I'm posting this to see if this link works from anyplace other than the Yahoo site.) Not sure if the final move from Network Solutions to Yahoo is instantaneous, or if it take a bit of time. If it takes some time I may be unable to use my email for awhile, since that is tied to the domain name and is also being transferred between the two parties. I was assured that it would work out fine - we'll see!

That's Penny at the top of the page. Although she is Nikon's daughter, she looks like a Josie pup! Laurie will be taking her to handling classes so that by the time Penny comes here to be shown, she'll know a bit about dog shows. Hopefully they can find a few fun matches too. Charlie starts obedience classes in two weeks, in Dawn's class as I had suggested. Dawn teaches a standard class, no clickers, no head collars, just basic obedience training which works nicely with Dalmatians. I'll have to stop down and watch the class from time to time.

Jaime is probably coming next week, so I'll have a pup to work with for awhile. If you are reading my blog, and interested in a handsome black-spotted puppy boy, he will be available after I get my puppy fix!

Yesterday I sat through a 6 hour meeting on vendor issues in the new statewide accounting system. The amount of work & time & preparation involved in a project like this is just mind boggling. The presentation was actually pretty interesting, but the part that affected the way I do business took about 10 minutes. I'll be back there this morning but probably not spending the whole day. My desk is a Code Red and looks like a disaster area!

Time to feed dogs. The turkey necks are not thawed enough to use my cleaver on yet, so I guess their rmb (raw meaty bone) meal will be chicken necks. We're out of their favorite chicken backs, although I ordered another box yesterday. Wish I could always get the smaller turkey necks, but this batch was the baseball bat size. Really good for their teeth, like a doggy toothbrush, but I prefer to chop them in half before feeding. We tried a number of ways to do this including knives, scissors & an axe. Finally purchased a big sharp cleaver so I can whack through them in one blow. Hope no one was watching on Saturday morning when I was out on the deck in my pajamas with the necks on a bread board on the deck rail. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Each neck cut cleanly in half. At least it doesn't take long!