Monday, May 6, 2013

Coursing, Of Course

Pictured are the three newly titled coursing dogs.  They attended a coursing event on Sunday, and all of them passed - again.  Meribel, Argus & Josie got the first two "legs" of their CA titles when they ran coursing events last fall.  We've been eagerly awaiting a spring trial and a chance to finish the titles.  The scheduled March trial was cancelled due to two feet of snow on the ground, but the field was perfect for yesterday's event.  All three Dals ran wonderfully well, and the judge was very complimentary.  Argus especially was absolutely fanatic about running, and all three dogs recognized the place when we drove in on Sunday.  Oh, the noises they made while waiting to run!  I'll try to add a couple of videos when I have more time.

Fern still in season and getting her 4 - 5 daily walks, so time is still an issue in the mornings.