Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Internet Ugliness

Dad won't share the treat ball!
Like many other long-time owners and/or breeders, I belong to one of the Facebook Dal lists. I joined because I enjoy seeing the cute pictures, hearing the funny stories, and because I want to help.  We've offered experience-based advice on training and behavior issues, discussed many aspects of Dals and Dal ownership, and responded to questions on a variety of health-related topics. There are a number of other long-time Dal owners on the same list, and we try to help where we can, urging people to seek veterinary or professional help where it's warranted, but not for issues that are normal behavior or can be managed at home.
There have also been a lot of other experienced Dal owners who have joined, participated, and finally lost patience and left. It won't be long for me either. I'm about burned out. It's really hard to believe how many mean-spirited know-it-alls belong to Facebook lists! In addition to the Trolls who are there just to do their evil deeds and cause trouble, there are the Dal owners who insist on having an opinion on everything, whether or not its a topic they know anything about. They keep repeating their useless opinions, then start attacking people who do not share their views. I'm sure many of the original posters regret ever asking a question that only needed a simple answer but ended up causing an ugly battle.
We have been able to help some Dal owners, and I'm sure a lot of people who read but don't feel the need to post have picked up some useful information, but honest to gosh it's hard to understand what motivates some of these people. Do they act like this at home, or in their place of employment, or do they save this kind of behavior for Internet lists? Raw feeding lists have always been this way, but pet dog lists?
Why do people feel the need to act this way?