Monday, July 21, 2014

Loss Of A Good Friend

I lost a good friend yesterday.  Her death was quick, and hopefully it was painless, but she's gone and I will miss her.  She was my constant companion for the last three years, with me in good times and bad.  She asked little from me and performed her duties flawlessly and with no complaint.  We didn't talk much, but she always provided guidance when I needed it.  She never forgot to remind me of important events, kept track of my walks, and read me many books.  She checked out the forecast, answered my questions, took excellent pictures, and kept me current on events.  What more could I ask of a good friend.
Yesterday my good friend suffered death by drowning when she and I fell into the St. Croix River when we hit a drop off.   Although I tried to resuscitate her my efforts were in vain.  A trip to the Apple Store Hospital confirmed my suspicions.
RIP iPhone 4S.  You were a true and trusted friend.