Friday, June 17, 2011


Spent yesterday at training, learning the new accounting system that we won't need come July 1 when we are all laid off.  Well, just learning part of one component of the new accounting system.  The rest of this lesson today.  Then two more days next week, to learn another portion of the system.  This is a "from the box" accounting system that does not really address the way we do business.  Instead of designing a system that does what we need, we will be trying to change our work processes to fit a pre-made system.  Rather like trying to put square pegs in round holes.  When we take these classes, we hope for pieces that are relevant to our jobs . . .

Class ran until 3:30 so I went back to work for awhile, trying to stay ahead of the game.  Because I have no backup, my work waits for me.  So does JoAnn's work, since she retired and her work became my work.  And the Republicans want state government to cut 15% of the work force.  Hahahaha.

No movement on the layoffs.  The Republicans met with the Governor to make another non-offer at compromise.   Unless they stop reciting the "no new taxes" mantra, this will be a long and expensive strike.  Why SHOULDN'T the ultra rich pay their fair share?  Why shouldn't they pay the same percentage in taxes as I do? Even the preparation for shut down is expensive and time consuming.  And wait until the 4th of July weekend when all the parks are closed . . .  That will be just the beginning.  Critical services are most likely to receive emergency funding, so the state patrol and the prison guards will be working.  There are quite a few essential services that need to be provided, but building roads is not one of them.

Josie gets her bandage off tonight.  She's been wonderful about leaving it alone, but will surely be glad to have it off!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Need More Coffee!

My get up and go has gotten up and gone.  Just can't get started this morning.  Even went to bed early, before 10:00 PM which is early for me.  Slept really hard but kept waking up from weird dreams, like an aquarium flooding the car floor and guppies hiding under the seat.  Wonder what prompted that?  Pizza at 7:30, followed by Chocolate Pecan Crostini?  Need more coffee.

A nice birthday dinner with my mother who celebrated number 87 yesterday.  We stopped at Davannis to pick up our favorite sausage, mushroom & onion pizza and drove out to mom's in the rain.  Came home in the rain, sent the dogs out in the rain, and woke up to rain.  No complaints as long as it stays out of my basement.  Still raining, but we needed it.  Need more coffee.

Things are very busy at work as I do my regular work, JoAnn's regular work (she retired a few weeks ago), close out federal projects, plan for the shut down, encumber/purchase as many r/w parcels as possible before the shut down, and train for the new accounting system that will go live July 5th.  IF we are not shut down.  I've still got 2 2-day classes to attend, Thursday & Friday this week, and Monday & Tuesday next week.  Bad scheduling, but you have to take them when they are available.  Looks like I'll be coming in for some evening and/or Saturday catch up.  Nope, no overtime either.  Oh well.  Need more coffee.

I'm going to need the shut down to catch up on my rest!  If it doesn't last too long I'll be OK, but sure worry about all the people who are just scraping by, especially the young single parents in the lower paying jobs.  The working poor are really going to be hurt by this, but if the Conservatives prevail the working poor are going to suffer a lot more later on.  Stand your ground Governor Dayton!   Need more coffee!

Reebok is settling in well and seems comfortable with us now.  Have not been able to get a cute picture of her though, because the minute I look in her direction she gets up and comes toward me, exactly like Argus.  They seem to constantly be saying, "Did you want me for something?"  Hope a few of these pups end up in performance homes as they sure ought to be focused on their trainers!

Need more coffee!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Watson - Little Scarface

Watson used to be called Little Fathead and his great grandpa Morris was the original Fathead.  They got the nickname because of their blocky heads.  Watson could also be Little Scarface as he sports a sizable scar over his left eye.  A few years ago Watson had a growth on his forehead that we had surgically removed.  I chose not to have it sent out for a biopsy because I would not have treated Watson for cancer if it had been cancerous  I can't see putting an already middle-aged dog through long, expensive and painful treatment to give him maybe another six months of life.  Perhaps a young dog, but not an older dog.  He's been fine ever since, so we dodged the bullet.

Coral's horny growth was not sent out either.  Dr. Ann said it was most likely benign and again I opted to just have the growth removed and to enjoy Josie for the rest of her natural life.  She's doing great, has left the wrapping alone, and her cheerful outlook on life is not diminished in any way.

It's very fortunate that Dals are one of the breeds with comparatively low cancer rates.  Cancer is not uncommon in dogs and is unfortunately very common in some breeds.  In general is more common in larger breeds.  I just read an interesting article on the subject and was pleased to find that Dals had the lowest cancer rate of all the medium and large sized breeds in the survey.  Their rate is actually very similar to that of many of the small breeds.

Although several health issues in Dals are well known including deafness and urate stones (although the latter is routinely blown out of proportion) Dalmatians are actually an extremely health breed with a very low incidence of many of the health issues that are common in other breeds.  They are also comparatively long-lived and the vast majority of well cared for Dals live to be 12 - 14 years of age, with a fairly good number of them living even longer.   

Monday, June 13, 2011

Reebok Arrives

Dinner with mom & Ron

Lovely weekend, cool and partly cloudy, perfect for yard work.  We got about 1/4" of rain but could use a serious thunderstorm right now as everything is getting dry.   Lawn looks fabulous, the flower beds are done, and just some pots left to plant.  I even planted the alley this year because I'd like to earn an Alley Garden award.  If the neighbor would stop backing her truck over the flower bed it would be a little easier though!

Reebok & Ron
Reebok is here and has settled in quite nicely.  She looks "quite" pregnant for still having a month to go, so hopefully she'll have a nice sized brood with plenty of attractive, healthy, out-going pups to pick from. She's a real sweetheart, very mild-mannered and easy going.  So far we have just run Reebok with the boys who are being very nice to her.  Not sure if I will introduce her to Coral & Josie.  Silly Josie will insist that Reebok should play, and I don't think Reebok is feeling very playful right now, plus Josie is supposed to be taking it easy, easier said than done!

Need to decide how to set up the basement for puppies, and what to use as a whelping box.   Generally it's a cardboard carton reinforced with a lot of duct tape.  It's hard to find them for free, but suitable boxes can be purchased from a place that provides shipping cartons of all size, some of them double-walled and very sturdy.
Illyodon cortesae

New fish arriving this week, Illyodon cortesae, an endangered goodeid from Mexico.  I found them on Aquabid, got them for a reasonable price, and selected 6 fry rather than a pair as I like watching young fish grow up.  The Empire Gudgeon lost her mate, so she will be giving up one of the planted tanks and the little goodeids will move in there.  The Gudgeon will move to the widow tank that contains singleton fish or those I am no longer trying to breed.  I have a small widow tank and  large widow tank, since some of the larger ones would EAT some of the smaller ones!

No time for proofing, hope this reads well enough!