Friday, September 23, 2011

New Computer Soon

My new computer should arrive on Monday and in preparation for the changeover I've been going through all the junk that's accumulated on the current computer.  Thousands of email addresses!  Who are these people, and how many of these addresses are actually still valid?  Just amazing how large my address book is/was, and how many multiple addresses I have.  How do I know which address to use?  I deleted hundreds (thousands?) of addresses and it still needs more pruning.

Because I want to move my Word documents to my new computer, I went through those too.  Why did I save some of this stuff?  Why did I even write it?  What did I use it for?  Turns out that over half of the documents are Ron's but at least his are prefaced with his name so easily identifiable.   Hopefully he'll go through his documents tonight.

And my emails, oh my.  Why did I save some of these things?  Just amazing.  I deleted many of the folders and their contents, but still have to go through those containing emails, articles and information about stoneformers, LUA issues, deafness and allergies.  There's some good stuff in those folders, but mixed in with a lot of trash.

Because I rarely print pictures, my computer hosts thousands of pictures.  Show photos, pictures I've taken, pictures that have been sent to me, and pictures that I have found and saved.  They are all backed up on my little Click Free, so I can find them if I need them, but I might as well just have the ones on this computer moved over to the new one.  Or not?  Maybe I should start fresh, but I often use pictures for this blog or for Facebook, and it's nice having them handy.

My understanding of what can be moved and what needs to be re-installed is sketchy, so I'll let Eric advise me on those issues. Willmaker, iTunes, Audible downloads, things like that.

OK, enough of this.  I finished this blog, selected Publish Post, and the screen went blank.  Blogspot had not saved the whole thing, but at least part of it was available as a draft.  Do I blame Blogspot or my computer?  Or both?

Time to go feed dogs.

Eric was loading the software including Windows 7 last night and will be bringing the computer over on Monday night. I'm really looking forward to the 23 inch monitor too. I have dual 23 inchers at work, and this one seems so primitive - even though when I purchased this flat screen monitor it seemed very "state of the art". But that was 4 1/2 years ago and things have changed so much!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fussing About Facebook

Much of the evening was spent cursing the changes that just showed up on Facebook.  Facebook Junkies really hate changes, fuss and fume whenever they happen, and threaten to leave.  They don't of course, being hooked on Facebook.  These changes are pretty significant, but I'm sure we'll adjust.  Grudgingly, of course.  In the meantime, creativity was out in full force!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pups Are Such Fun

Missed my blogging yesterday, but the computer is being so difficult that sometimes it's just not worth the fight.  It's a 4 1/2 year old Gateway and has given me good service, but is coming to the end of its usable life, I suspect.  All my stuff if backed up in case of a crash, but the biggest problem right now is when it shuts itself off and is almost impossible to turn it back on.

Letty is doing very well as an only pup.  She's moved to a crate in the kitchen and we'll take down the puppy pen this weekend.  She's been in the pen at night up until last night, but moved upstairs for the whole night and did just fine, no fussing at all.  House training is going extremely well, with only a couple of accidents, and those were our fault because someone was not paying attention.  She's very good about doing her business outdoors, and it catching on to using the dog yard rather than the lawn.

Jess will be driving the Crupens (Cruise/Penny pups) down for BAER testing on Saturday, then stop by so we can do another set of puppy pictures.   Letty will enjoy having someone her own size to play with, although she's doing well with Argus and Josie.

Another adventure coming up on Sunday when Letty goes along to Jess and Don's and stays in the outdoor run with her little cousins while we go for lunch and wine tasting.  It will be good for her to be a dog for a few hours, and I want her to meet the Shepherds as she has very little experience with other breeds and is pretty intimidated.  The Shepherd girls have been very good with Jess's pups, so they'll be perfect for introducing Letty to strange dogs - or wolves!

Pups are such fun!

Monday, September 19, 2011

And Then There Was One

Lucas left for his new home on Saturday, and Letty became an only child.  She's managed it well and I'm trying to find the right balance between enjoying her and spoiling her!  Not always easy, as she is so incredibly cute I am often tempted to pick her up and carry her around!

Training is going well, and she understands that "hurry, hurry" means she should pee outside.  Now, if she would only do it in the dog yard rather than holding out for grass.  Only one accident, and that was my fault for not paying attention.  Now, to work on the rest of it.  Ron is pretty good at house training and he does the "day shift", so as long as he remembers to watch her we should continue to make good progress.

I wish Letty was a bit more outgoing with strangers.  It sometimes takes her awhile to warm up to new people, although once she is comfortable she remembers her "friends".  She really doesn't care to be handled by people she doesn't know, but because she is so incredibly cute everyone wants to pick her up and hold her.  Most of our pups love everyone, so this is a new experience for me, and I have to remember to work on it.  Letty needs to go to "camp" soon, to stay with friends for a few days to break some of the dependency she has on me.  We also need to work on meeting new dogs.  Time to check out a Puppy Kindergarten for her, a "nursery school" for puppies.

Training is going well and Letty quickly caught on to "Sit", "Down", "Come". "Watch" and "Stand".  Amazing how fast pups pick things up at this age.    It just takes a few minutes at a time, but of course I have to either crate the adults, or take her outdoors by herself, as everyone wants to share in the training treats!