Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Puppy Camping

Pups need to be comfortable with other dogs.

Sorry I've been a negligent blogger. 

I'll get this one done eventually.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Heating The Great Outdoors

Pups can assume the strangest positions.

Promises to be a stressful week with the new patio door scheduled to go in "starting" on Tuesday.  The process  was originally supposed to start in the morning, with the expectation that it would be completed the same day, finishing work and all. The phone message I received on Friday said "early afternoon", so it sounds as if my house will be torn up for two days.  Ugh.  I don't mind the mess nearly as much as the pending heat loss.  How do I keep the house warm when the patio door is removed and the temperature outdoors might be in the single digits?  A sheet of plastic is not going to keep the furnaces from going crazy

Marah is going home with Jess today so she will not be underfoot and needing to go outdoors while the men are working on the door.  Mariah definitely needs the exposure to other dogs and new situations.  She visited both PetCo and Chuck & Dons' this weekend and was extremely friendly with people, but horrified by other dogs.  She obviously needs some canine friends of other breeds.  When Argus was about this age and in need of socialization with other breeds, the first friendly small dog he met was Gomez the Wirehaired Dachshund.  He's been intrigued by Dachshunds ever since.  Going to the office with Jess and interacting with Stella the Cavalier will be good for Mariah, as will learning that house training does not mean that you can ONLY pee in my backyard.  So far she thinks that is the only acceptable place.

Lunch with my mother on Sunday.  I try to get together with her once a week if possible.  We went to Perkins to try the new Biscuit Bakes - very good.  Mom seemed to be in good spirits and we talked sports, politics and family.  I also brought along the Christmas letter (more of a note) that mom had me type up to send out to friends, since she did not send out any cards last year.  She's really looking forward to Christmas at Kris & Bob's, something she missed out on last year because she was feeling so bad at the time.  Hope mom stays healthy through the Holidays this year.  Last year was tough on everyone.