Friday, March 25, 2011

Mmm Mmm Good

Pork Tenderloin and Peppers

Finally had a chance to try a new recipe that had intrigued me.  The seasoning for this dish included mashed anchovies and fresh rosemary.  It noted that if you didn't care for anchovies, chopped olives could be substituted!  Unusual, to say the least.  I opted for the anchovies and had no regrets - the recipe was outstanding, and the seasoning was perfect.  Served it with mashed potatoes and baby Limas.  Mmm mmm good indeed.  The recipe was added to my cookbook, along with a granola bars recipe that I am enjoying.

Bella went off with her new owner yesterday and Meg was very pleased with the home.  Jingles will fly to Minnesota in two weeks to join Gretchen who recently lost almost-15 year old Buddy, a dog from us. 

Lucy is fitting in fine here, except Mariah is jealous when Lucy & Josie try to play with one another. She thinks that they should only play with her and keeps getting in between them.  Think we'll be doing some playing in shifts this weekend.  Mariah and Lucy currently wrestling on the rug, both with tongues hanging.