Friday, April 26, 2013

Up And Running

I'm back!  New modem installed and computer working just fine.  Although I have the Blogger App on my phone, it's way too much work to do Blog postings on an iPhone.  I need a real keyboard for writing.  My call to CenturyLink went to an overseas call center (of course), but the gentleman I dealt with spoke good (enough) English, and although the conversation was a bit rough as he read from his script, it was not as aggravating as such calls sometimes are.  The new modem was mailed promptly, and I was able to install it myself. 

As I installed this DSL modem, I thought back to the first modem I installed, oh so many years ago.  My first computer was used as a word processor, and the Internet was something only businesses and techie geeks used.   Not something regular people needed, just a fancy typewriter really. We didn't even have computers at work then.  Chat lists were in their early days, and a couple of computer savvy friends would mail me printed copies of the discussions from the first Dal list on Prodigy - yes, they were printed out on the continuous feed printer paper with the little holes along the side.  Dot matrix printers? How long ago was that?

One day as I walked through a computer store, there was a display of modems on the counter, internal modems.  On a whim I bought one, took it home and installed it - yes, I bravely took the case off the little computer, followed the directions and screwed the little gizmo into a slot.  I'd seen an advertising for The Concentric Network, so I ordered their product, installed that as well, not having a clue what I was doing, and somehow it worked.  Not instantly, of course.  I remember the frustration as it took me a long time to get things figured out, but I also remember how excited I was when it worked.  I also remember how slow the downloads were, but at the time it was magic!  Still is! 

Am on my 7th computer now.  Hard to believe there was actually a pre-computer time in my life!

Had planned to address this question, but it will have to wait.  It's a very interesting question, with no one right answer.  Stay tuned.

Would like your opinion on a rather heated and well debated topic. Is it okay to breed a dog or bitch who is not a champion, so long as they have the proper health testing and a nice temperament? I have a three year old male who is out of champion parents. He's never been shown through AKC but he has completed all of his health testing except cerf which he gets done in two weeks. He has an outstanding personality- very friendly and affectionate. Loves other dogs and new people. I would like a puppy out of him and some breeders have encouraged this, given his pedigree/health testing/temperament. But others have advised against it since he is not a champion. Your thoughts on the subject in general?