Friday, February 18, 2011

Out Of Time

Sherman & Deb

No time to blog, still playing catch up at home and at work.

Great time to use this picture of "Sherman" and his owner Deb.  Sherman was the patched boy from the Argus/Boji litter, the happy-go-lucky guy who was everyone's favorite.

Thanks Deb, for giving him such a good and loving home.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Argus At Westminster
What an adventure!  No time to do a travelogue this morning, but I will get that done.  We had a terrific time in New York and Argus made me very proud.  Luck was not exactly on our side as Argus got a sneezing attack (too much dog hair?) on the first down and back, and had to be regaited.  No one's fault, just one of those things.  The second one was perfect, but the first one was used on the Dal judging video, which annoys me, as Argie's down and back is normally perfect.  When we got our picture, the judge commented that Argus "had BEEN the dog to beat" but did not go away correctly the first time.  Sigh.  Nothing I can do about that, just wish the video editing had been better so I did not have to be reminded when I looked at the video.  Oh well.  He look good otherwise, though started off just a bit nervous.  Showed fine, but I could read it in his eyes & ears.  He got over that quickly (probably as I relaxed) and I thought he showed very well. 

It was great fun and I am already to go back, although the three hour delay on the trip home DID give me some (more) gray hairs!  More later . . .