Sunday, March 14, 2010

$100.00 Athletic Shoes, Oh My!

Kara Ann took this picture of Argus at St. Louis. That's Jess handling him, and the judge who eventually gave him the Specialty approaching him. I love finding candid shots of my handsome boy. Thanks Kara Ann.

Went shopping yesterday, quite a project! I am NOT a shopper though occasionally can force myself to do it. Yesterday's assignment was looking at show suits for Jess, and something for her to wear when she shows Argus in the Top Twenty since I won't be able to do that. The Top Twenty is held the night before Best Of Breed judging at the National, is by invitation, and is semi-formal - for both the spectators and the exhibitors. I had already found myself a wonderful outfit to wear but I suppose I can use that NEXT year! I detest large shopping centers, but went out to Rosedale since they have both a Macys and a Penneys - close together, even. Also hoped to buy myself some shoes. Because of the height of this walking cast, I had only one shoe that I could wear, all the rest having lower/flatter soles that forced me to walk as if I had a long leg and a short leg. Tough on my back. I'm used to changing shoes a lot, and my "good foot" was getting sore.

Parking lot was crowded, so much for the depressed economy, and so were the stores. Even the handicap spots were mostly taken, but I did find one relatively close. Rather like my handicap hangtag - comes in handy on occasion. Nothing of interest at Penneys although I may go back for a watch I liked. Lots of good stuff at Macys, though most of it out of my price range. I refuse to spend $200.00+ plus on a suit that will just be used for dog shows! Several suitable ones on sale (hey Laura, that's a pun), and they even had pockets. I purchased one that might work for Jess. Also found an outfit suitable for the Top 20, but Jess needs to try that out. It's been a long time since I purchased clothes for my daughter, other than as Christmas gifts, but if she's going to show my dog she needs to dress the part.

Naturally the shoe stores were on the other end of the mall from where I started. Slow going with a stiff cast - I need a scooter to hotrod in. Had previously noticed that Sketchers had thick soled sneakers called Shape Ups, but refused to spend over $100.00 just for a pair of sneakers, knowing they were probably made in a sweatshop and cost $2.00 to constuct! I always buy good shoes, BUT have never paid THAT much. However, after visiting five shoe stores I was left with no other options, especially since all the walking was really making my heels hurt. So now I have a pair of spendy sneakers that work fine and feel good. By the time the cast comes off I will have one old sneaker and one new sneaker to wear! Oh well.