Thursday, March 14, 2013

Missing - Spring!

Ah, spring flowers!  In a vase.  That's about the only place we will be seeing them for some time to come.  The Daffodils on the east side of the house are about 2 inches tall, but with the possibility of a lot of snow next week, things are not looking good for them.  The tulips in the front flower beds are still buried under several inches of ice and snow . . .  After many years of early springs, we take that for granted.  We expect spring in March. A real old-fashioned winter is NOT appreciated.  We're even above normal for precipitation this year, which is a good thing, and it's nice to see that the level of the Mississippi is looking more normal.  It looked for awhile as if we would soon be able to walk across the river - and I don't mean on ice.

We're off to Kansas City for dog shows this weekend, weather permitting.  We've endured some really lousy weather in years past, just hope we can quickly drive out of the snow predicted for this area tomorrow.  As of yesterday, it was supposed to be 76 in KC on Friday - but of course much colder for the weekend.  We were hoping for a little Spring Vacation, but I guess it is not happening.

It appeared as if Fern would have her act together for this weekend.  She worked well at handling class and has been moving much better, trotting rather than pacing.  Until last night when she looked as if she was trying to trip herself as she paced down the street - and a few days before she was trotting 90% of the time.  Not sure if she is uncoordinated because of her age, long legs, and bad footing (too much ice this winter) or if she has actually pulled a muscle playing on that ice.  She's not lame, just not moving the way she should be able to move.  Guess a trip to the Chiropractor is in order for next week, and hopefully I can get her moving correctly this weekend.  She looks lovely otherwise.  Always something.

Argus babies due in Alabama!  The chilled semen breeding worked this time, when it was handled by a Reproductive Specialist in Atlanta.  Timing is so important using chilled semen, and because the semen is so fragile, it has to be handled properly.  The first attempt, done by a local Vet, was not successful, but this time the bitch owners got serious and it paid off.  Although I always offer a repeat when a breeding misses, it's a lot of time and trouble to do that.  So much better to put the time and money into doing it right the first time. Can't wait!    

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Endless Winter, Going Crazy

Enough already, Mother Nature.  I give up!  Send us some sunshine and warm temperatures to melt all the darned ice and snow.  We've had enough.  Although I actually enjoy winter, I've enjoyed it for long enough this year.  Yes, winter used to last into March here, but for the past decade or two winter has been on the way out by March.  This year Ma Nature seems to be determined to give us a real old-fashioned winter.  You win!  I give up!  You are in control!  Can we compromise?  At least send us some sun!

Hard to imagine that we'll be able to go coursing on March 30th, as planned.  A trip to KC this weekend for dog shows might help my frame of mind.  Supposed to be 70 on Friday, mid-60s there on the weekend - and then perhaps snow here on Monday. . . 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Too Damned Ealry

Oh how I hate the first first days of Daylight Savings Time!  It will be nice to have enough daylight to run Fern at the campus after dinner, but it's sure no fun in the morning.  The dogs agreed.  Josie met me at the gate, ready to go out and check for rabbits, but none of the others were impressed with the idea of getting up so early.  If Argus had been bathed the night before, he would be ready for a dog show, but since that did not happen he was not inclined to get out of bed.  Just opened one eye, said "you've GOT to be kidding" and went back to sleep.  Even the pups took a bit of time to wake up and switch to Play Mode.
Watson just blew me off.  Outdoor duties done, they all went back to bed.  I'm not so lucky.  16 months to retirement!

This was one of my last quiet weekends for awhile, and I took advantage of it.  Got lots done around the house and had great fun with the dogs.  Time for some cute pictures of the pups, and a terrific
walk with Argus & Fernly.  Saturday rained, drizzled all day, but Sunday was cloudy but pleasant and fine for hiking.

Max continues to do well.  Such a smart, co-operative pup.  He's settled into our household routine very easily and is so much fun, plus he continues to look very promising.  Saw pictures of his sisters Britt and Piper (was Sanka) and they look very good too.  Jana sends lots of cell phone pictures of Melitta who also seems to be growing up very nicely.  Max's adult teeth incisors are all in, and
his mouth looks good.  Always nice to get that out of the way.  One of my first Dal litters had a number of pups who went undershot, so I never take good bites for granted, although Argus has always done good bites.  So far.

Fern went along on a pet shop visit and did well, acting very sensible and mature.  Hopefully she will do the same at dog shows this weekend!  She looks very good, but needs to add a pound or two this week, since she has a bit of a Greyhound look to her right now.  She's started marking, so hopefully comes in season soon.

Fern and Argus had fun at Hidden Falls Park, and Fern decided that it was definitely warm enough to splash in the water.  I kept her away from the river, but she enjoyed running up and down a small stream.  Argus thought she was nuts.  He prefers it to be a bit warmer for swimming.  We had the park to ourselves, so both dogs were off leash.  Really enjoy these two, my hiking buddies.