Monday, October 20, 2014

Eight Weeks Old - Already?

Seems as if the pups were just whelped, but they are already eight weeks old and leaving for new homes.  Feeney is now Axel, and was picked up by his new owners John and Jan who drove up from Nebraska.  Axel is slated to be a show AND performance dog, so we have high hopes for him.  He was a lovely puppy with a great personality and the best structure in the litter.  John has had a number of Dals over the years and has been very successful in obedience and agility competition.  It was hard to let Axel go, but he was promised before the litter was ever conceived.  It's nice when things work out so well.  That's rarely the case!
Summerset the extra cute patched puppy left on Sunday with Breanna and Ryan.  He stayed in Minnesota so I'm sure we'll see him in the future.  He was a charming puppy, very sensible and easy, and I know he will do well.  As of now, his
name is Chaos - hopefully he doesn't live up to his name!
Vet check on Thursday found everyone to be totally healthy.  My vet even came out to the car afterwards to take a picture of the pups looking out of their crate.  I was delighted with how well they all behaved and how friendly and confident they were on the examining table.
On Friday the pups and I drove to Wisconsin to do photos of both litters (Jess's pups are just one day older than mine).  That's a lot of work.  Hard enough to do stacked pictures of one litter, but two litters!  Photo session confirmed what I already knew, that I would be keeping Mira and that Dallas would be available to a pet home.  I so wanted to keep Dallas, but don't have room for a dog I wouldn't show.  She's absolutely stunning, with a charming personality, but not quite what I want for showing.  So I'm sorting through my reservations, trying to decide where she will go.  Am dragging my feet on this, because I really don't want to sell her - but it will happen eventually.