Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Good Day, All Around

Well, I decided that the problem was mine, not Argus's. A mentor once told me that when a well trained dog has an off day, it's usually the HANDLER that had a off day and needs an attitude adjustment . . .

I let Argus make the decision this morning, and by 9:00AM he was ready and waiting to go to the show. With later judging we did not have to leave until almost noon, but almost cut it too close because of a road closing (that I knew of, but forgot). We made it on time and Argus showed really well in breed. The Group was 5th today rather than 7th, which was nice, and although it was hot the humidity was not as bad. I worked real hard on MY attitude, went in with a positive outlook, and did a good job of handling today. Argus showed very well for me today and we went 4th in a HUGE (235 dog) Group behind dogs from Michigan, California and Texas, all with professional handlers of course. We've been playing in hot company this weekend! The two group placements in such large shows gave Argus a large number of all breed points which will really help in the ratings. Tomorrow is another day, but we'll go with a good attitude.

The shows have been a lot of fun because of all the quality entries, and handlers from all over the country. Many excellent dogs I have never seen before, including an absolutely spectacular Doberman girl from the east coast. Because there are Chow and Shar Pei Specialties with large entries, both breeds have been fun to watch each day. In a year when virtually all shows are down in numbers, this cluster was up by 200 dogs each day, pretty amazing but due to quality shows, a good facility and an excellent judging panel.

Pups had a great time today as well. Vonda and Bill came over this morning, and may pick up the pups for "day camp" tomorrow. That will be excellent socialization. Stephanie & Mauro had already arrived by the time I got home from the show today, and Mauro had fallen for the two lightly marked girls. They want a puppy bitch eventually, but because they have a liver Josie son they want a black spotted girl next time. When they are ready I will help them find just the right girl.

Early judging tomorrow, so it will be another long day, and the trip home will be slow because of all the cars coming back from going "up nort" for the weekend.