Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ugh, Computer In Control

My computers says it's updating and doesn't give a damn whether or not I want it to do so. It will restart in 9:03 minutes, no matter what. Hey, who pays for the electricity and the Internet around here? Who's in charge here??? Don't tell me, I know.

Woke up too early and started worrying. Darn. Things are pretty scary at work, as so many people are taking advantage of the retirement buy out and will be leaving by the end of the current fiscal year. Who exactly will be left to handle the work load and change over to the new accounting system - which will only be supported for two months? Almost wish I was a couple of years older, but there is no point in wishing my life away. I'll just buy more lottery tickets!

And why am I so broke? Couldn't have anything to do with my electric bills and my two expensive hobbies, could it? We'll just blame the electric bill!

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