Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pups & Exercise Balls

Jaime is coming tomorrow night. It will be fun to have a puppy for awhile. Wish I had the time and room (and energy) to bring up his sister too. That's Piper on the left. Suzi is looking for a show home for Piper, and she'd be a great addition for anyone. Dark eyed, sound, great depth of color, and what sounds like a charming disposition. I'd really like to co-own her with someone in this area, but just want her to end up in the right situation.

Holiday today! Ron & I are off to Mystic Lake to waste a little money in slot machines. Haven't done this in years, so hopefully they still have nickel slots.

We had a good chuckle yesterday at work when an official (but poorly written) email informed us that we could NOT use exercise balls as desk chairs. What??? Had no idea that people did such a thing, but Googling the topic resulted in many interesting articles on the benefits of replacing your office chair with an exercise ball. Told Ron that I was replacing the computer chair with an exercise ball. He was not impressed. Apparently this is really popular - but I am way out of the loop.


Anonymous said...

We switched to exercise balls several months ago at our computers at home. The original intent was to spend less time at the computer because we assumed they would be less comfortable. But actually, they're great and hopefully help burn a few calories while sitting and balancing instead of just sitting.
Piper looks beautiful. I wish I was ready for another dog. Co-owning a show dog intrigues me.
Enjoy your day off.
Lynn Stoerzinger

Stephanie Zambrano said...

we once had an e-mail sent out to remind us that although we were going to have a department-sponsored picnic at a park with a beach, we were not under any circumstances aloud to wear our swim suits to work... that was a good chuckle :)
Keep me updated on Piper!