Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Help, My Computer Is Out Of Control!

Computer keeps telling me that it finished doing automatic updates (of what???) and needs to restart. Well sorry, ol' boy, this is MY time to be in charge and you will just have to wait. Seems as if the computer is always automatically updating, scanning for this or that, guarding me against pop ups (including the ones I am trying to look at) and generally making things difficult. Whenever I need to check Facebook, do a Google search or start some kind of a project, the machine is already busy doing something that will make my job either slow or impossible. I've lost track of what it should be looking for and when, but I have a feeling that it is probably scanning the heavens for alien life forms and trying to make contact!

Great family get together last night. My brother Al is visiting from Costa Rica as he does every summer. Stays with mom, rents a car (since she no longer drives or has a car), connects with lots of old friends and shops for things he can't find in Costa Rica. Alison stays home and tends the critters (she is involved in rescue so they always have an assortment of dogs, parrots, and other more exotic creatures like sloths). My sister Kris had the day off so we all met at Boca Chica for Mexican food. Mom, Al, Kris, her husband Bob and son Erik, Ron, my daughter Jess, and me. Kris's son Davis is still on a Navy ship in the Persian Gulf somewhere, Erik's girl friend Angela had to work, and Jess's partner Don was home tending the critters (the logistics of leaving work to tend the critters and getting back to SSPaul were a bit much), but it was nice we were able to collect as many as we did! Mom & Al are coming for dinner on Saturday, and I'm taking him to the airport on Sunday.

Amy asked -
So glad you mentioned exercise and proper condition. How much is too much for a six month old? I jog with my just turned six month old bitch twice per day every day, about a mile and a half each time for a total of three miles per day. Plus we have a fenced in yard where we play fetch and frisbee daily and she runs and plays with the other dogs as well. She handles the jogs quite well and still has energy to spare when we return. When will it be safe to take her on longer distances?

My personal opinion is that young dogs who are still developing should not be doing any kind of forced exercise, and that includes jogging and biking. They should get leash walks and off leash running (such as playing in the yard or park) but should not have regimented exercise until at least a year of age. Catching Frisbees is not something I would encourage in a young dog. Leaping for a disc, especially when competing with adult dogs is NOT safe. Pups are loose-jointed and less coordinated, and can fall and be damaged. If a pup is jogged it should not be everyday, and certainly not twice a day. Jogging moderate distances several times a week might be fine, but walking & playing are really the best exercise for youngster. This is my opinion but it's based on watching a lot of young dogs grow up, and also on based on articles and observations that I have read over the years. I teach my young dogs to run with a bike and take them for a few blocks once in awhile, but never roadwork a young dog, ever.

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