Saturday, August 21, 2010

HOT In Colorado!

Sure am glad that a friend suggested we should try the Colorado Specialties and that they were really no further than the Ohio shows. We had a fun trip out, doing some touristy stuff in Nebraska and driving a state highway rather than the Interstate. Arrived in Greeley late afternoon on Thursday and were appalled by the ENORMOUS feedlots adjacent to the road on the way into town. Disgusting & nasty with an incredibly stench. It was almost enough to turn me into a vegetarian. Almost. But I think we will go out for steak tonight to celebrate yesterday.

Two Specialties on Friday, one starting at 9:00 and the other at 1:30, with 40-something Dals entered at each. Good grass, excellent footing, nice shade trees & shade tents, free Pizza lunch, excellent trophies and a delicious show dinner on the grounds catered by Olive Garden. The small Denver Club goes all out in the hospitality department. It was fun to see a number of old friends including Jan who used to live in Minnesota but moved to Colorado quite a few years ago.

There was a Sweepstakes with each show, judged by breeders from Virginia and North Carolina. We were thrilled to have Charlie go Best In Sweeps under BOTH of them.

The first show was judged by a local person we had never shown to and he gave Charlie Reserve in a 5 point entry. Penny one-upped him and went Winners to finish her Championship. Argus showed wonderfully well, but lost to a black-spotted nephew. Would have been extra nice to have all liver winners, but oh well.

The second show was judged by a Dal person we had not shown too, but who we figured would like the dogs. He did. We pulled Penny who was feeling the heat, but Charlie went Best of Winners for 5 points (he now has 11 in only 5 shows) and Argus again showed wonderfully well and went Best Of Breed. Doesn't get much better than that! I am NOT a good hot weather person but I have worked really hard to condition both Argus and me to the heat, and it paid off!


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Great picture- Argus looks so happy!