Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy BIrthday Argus!

Seems like only yesterday this silly guy came into my life, but he's 5 years old today. I reserved a Marlin/Olivia pup months before the breeding was done - it just seemed like "the right" combination, and it was. Champions Argus, Andy, Joey & Tsunami proved it. I never thought that I could love a dog as much as I loved Criket (my first Dal) and Rob, but I guess I was wrong. How lucky I am to have owned so many lovely Dalmatian over the years, and especially those three. All dogs are special, but some are extra-special, our Heart Dogs, the ones who occupy a special place in our hearts and minds. Argus will be getting a small steak for dinner, along with a baked sweet potato, and all the dogs will be sharing ice cream. Dogs like Birthday Parties too!

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Anonymous said...

Naughtia sends Birthday wishes to her dad Argus. Licks and Wags. She says to tell Dad that she was the maid of honor in a dog wedding yesterday and that dog weddings are as fun as dog birthday parties...lots of treats and attention!