Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Babies On Board

Two weeks to go
Here's Tess P. with two weeks to go.   She's normally a hard-bodied dog with lots of tuckup, so it's hard to guess how many pups she is carrying.  Paula thinks she looks a bit bigger than she did with her previous litter.  Because Tess P. is middle-aged, we're hoping for a reasonable sized litter of 5-7 pups.  They are due late next week.  Cross your fingers please.   If you are on my tentative list for a puppy, please let me know if you are still interested.

Too many Tesses 
This could be confusing!  Tess P. has pups due next week, while Tess C. (who lives in Oregon) has pups due in 6 weeks.  Both were bred to Argus.  Gotta remember to use the initials with the names!  Tess P. is a daughter of our Watson, and her dam is Madurhason & Dakota breeding.  Tess C. is the girl who was bred to Argus last fall and produced some very handsome pups including "Tia" who just went Best In Sweeps and Winners Bitch at the Northern California Specialty at 9 months of age.  Because that litter turned out so well, her owners decided to repeat the breding - and I get a stud fee pup this time (and will also help to sell any companion quality pups if there are more reservations than pups in Tess P.'s litter).

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