Friday, November 12, 2010

Best If Used By December 2003

Mariah will be arriving on 11/21
Because I had yesterday off work and the weather was still relatively warm, my list of chores included mostly outdoor activities, primarily yard work. As Ron was doing the trash he observed that he only had one bag for the trash hauler, so if I anything I planned to throw out, I might want to start a second bag.  Challenge!  Every now and again I get into a Throw It Out Frenzy.  Because I have a good friend who fits the definition of a Hoarder, I live in fear of ending up that way, and my large old house is full of "things" I've accumulated over the years.  It's actually pretty neat most of the time, but I could do a better job of going through cupboards, closets and drawers on a regular basis.  I took Ron's suggestion as a challenge, and came up with three grocery bags of trash, plus another one for the Good Will.  The major cleaning was the kitchen island/breakfast bar where I store small appliances, napkins, plastic cups and other miscellaneous items, and cleaning under the kitchen sink.

Last summer I decided to buy grass seed, and because I did not get it planted I stashed it under the bar.  Yesterday I discovered THREE bags of grass seed, including the newest one.  There was also nice carton of Iced Tea that we never got around to chilling and drinking - too bad the label said "best if used by October 2007".  Had it been that long?  I knew there was a big tub of Margarita Mix, the kind where you add Tequila and freeze.  I'd been planning to take that along on a show weekend when friends were motor homing, but never remembered to take it.  Certainly something like that would not have an expiration date, but it did.  "Best if used by December 2003".  Oh my!

My bicycle sat out all last winter and I didn't want that to happen again this year so asked Ron if there was a spot for it in the garage.  He suggested that if I got rid of the old Schwin (I've had it for at least 30 years) there would be room for the newer bike that I actually ride.  We put the old Schwin out in the alley for the "borrowers" who come by and pick up useful items that are left out.  Ron came in to make a "Free" sign and by the time he got back out the bike was gone.  Works really well, as long as you remember not to leave items you actually wish to keep out in the alley. I lost a wonderful old galvanized sprinkling can that way!

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Unknown said...

What a sweet face on Mariah! Can't wait to hear puppy tales :)