Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Posting Early, Or Is It Late?

Lily Pad is an Argus/Lilly daughter.

Because Josie has her foot surgery on Thursday morning, she has to be dropped off at the vet clinic before I go to work leaving no time for blogging.  Not sure how long she'll stay and whether I'll be picking her up at noon or after work.  She never favors the foot unless she bumps it on something, but it sure looks ugly.  Josie is very stoic so it's hard to know if it causes her any pain.  Hopefully she will not have to wear an e-collar for very long as it will hurt her feelings.  She's such a sweet sensitive soul I hate to see her embarrassed.  Hope this all goes smoothly.

Coral did not eat her breakfast. Coral never misses a meal, but has been eating with less enthusiasm lately. She just sat and looked at her meat, veggies & egg, even when I added some tuna to the mix.  Hopefully it was just an upset stomach, as she ate her chicken back for dinner.  If she skips breakfast again I w'll take her in for blood work.  Her kidney values had changed a bit when she had her last blood work, and chronic kidney failure is common in elderly dogs.  We need to recheck her BUN & creatinine levels, and perhaps her liver enzymes too.  One nice thing about a raw diet is that it is easily adapted to deal with a variety of health issues, and for things like age-related kidney failure high quality protein is important - meat & egg protein is MUCH higher in quality than a grain-based kibble diet.  Of course if the dog won't eat . . .

Argus & Penny are both entered at Chicagoland this weekend, but probably won't get there.  Penny was just bred, and I really can't justify taking Friday off work - just too much to get done.  With Josie having surgery and some questions about Coral, it's probably best that I stay home.  Because I was to retrieve Reebok from Rosie this weekend, I'll have to make other plans for that.  I still have another day to make up my mind.

Thought I'd be dying to get to a dog show by now, but that's not the case and I'm enjoying my weekends at home working around the house and in the yard.  Guess it WAS time for a break.  We'll need to do some shows his fall when Lucy comes back to finish her championship, but until then perhaps I can manage just fine.

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