Monday, August 8, 2011

Dog Parks And Puppies

Making new friends

Although I have always been leery of dog parks, I know there are good ones that are visited by well socialized dogs with sensible owners, and I've been trying to find one for Argus.  Because he is so eager to meet other dogs I figured he'd really enjoy it, and that turned out to be the case when we visited Rice Creek Dog Park.  Argus was delighted to meet all the dogs, although I was more than a little nervous when the three Pitbulls came over the hill toward us.  Forced myself to keep my mouth shut and let Argus sort things out which he did.  Whew!  No problems at all.  We did the half-mile loop three times, me on the path and Argus racing around with a weird variety of dogs.  Pitbulls and crosses, Husky-types, a Boxer, lots of Terrier mixes, Lab-wannabes and a couple of well-bred Labs.

Argus had a busy morning since we went over to my mother's for coffee after the dog park, and later went to Paws On Grand where we met even more dogs, and an even weirder variety.  After years of seeing an increase in purebreds, I am now seeing more mixed breeds.  If they were "accidents" that someone adopted, that's fine, but if they were intentionally bred to be mutts,that makes me crazy.  Designer Dogs are nothing more than mixed breeds, no healthier, certainly no smarter than purebreds.  Can't for the live of me understand why anyone would spend so much money to buy what used to be considered an Oops.
Virgil looks like a stuffed toy.

The pups had a busy weekend with lots of company, including kids.  The boys especially, are very cuddly.  Lucas finally woke up and went from being the quietest to being one of the liveliest.  Sloan is particularly cuddly, and Letty is the least cuddly though was quite sociable this weekend.  She's still inclined to go off and sleep by herself rather than piling on her littermates.

Weaning is going well and the pups are now eating two meals a day, one with goats milk and yogurt, and the other with ground turkey added.  Tonight they will come up into the family room for the first time, and tomorrow if the weather is good they will go out on the grass for the first time.  Such fun that will be, with lots of photo opportunities.

Lucas is sitting on a sandal, chewing the other.

Sloan is checking out a bone.

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