Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

It's Argus's Birthday and he's 6 years old today!  How can that be?  Seems like only yesterday he arrived from California, a happy-go-lucky, flop-eared puppy.  What adventures we've had!

Before Argus, I'd lost interest in dog shows. I started showing dogs as a teenager, finished my first champion in 1968, bred many homebred champions, campaigned several successful specials, and was suffering burnout.  Time to get out of showing dogs and just keep a few Dals as pets.

But I missed my show friends and went to the National just to socialize.  Then I saw "Marlin" - what an absolutely lovely dog, and he went back to and resembled my beloved Rob.  A Marlin pup would be nice!  And I saw "Olivia" for the first time, getting an AoM from the Veteran's Class.  She went back to "Jocko" and other Paisley dogs.  I had judged and given majors to a number of her littermates, and absolutely loved her, so I asked my friend Carrie Jordan if Olivia would be bred again.  And when she was bred to Marlin I reserved a puppy.  It was to be a puppy bitch, but I really prefer brownie boys, and Argus eventually came to Minnesota.  And I went back to showing dogs never realizing how much Argus and I would be able to accomplish.  Thanks Argus!

Tonight we'll do burgers on the grill, one for each of the dogs, with ice cream for dessert, and then we'll go down to PetCo so Argus can pick out a new toy. Ever a puppy, he still enjoys his toys.  Later he can go along to the airport when we collect one of his favorite friends, Laurie who will be going to Jess's to visit Penny and her puppies.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Argus!!!
From Kahlua, Mollee and Jasper

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Mr.Argus had a great Birthday.Having dogs(or a dog)is such a wonderful thing.I do not know what I would do without mine.She gets me out of the house and gets me to socialize with other dog lovers.Glad he got you out of your "slump".Dogs are truely mans best friend. Kara S.