Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sparkle has settled in nicely and learned some of the important rules. 
  • Do your business outside.
  • Be quiet when you are shut in the dog yard for a few minutes.
  • Wait without jumping while your food is prepared
  • Sleep quietly in your crate at night.
  • Do not bother Coral when she is sleeping.
Next we will work on riding quietly in the car, and she'll get lots of practice when we go to my sister's for Thanksgiving!   A long weekend will give us a chance to visit Petco, go for walks, cut nails, and do lots of short car trips.  Because Letty comes home tomorrow, there will be LOTS of time for wrestling too.


Anonymous said...

Good Girl Sparkle! By the way I love the picture of Granpa Argus with his granddaughter Sparkle.

Helen said...

Love today's picture, and wish for the umpteenth time that you didn't live so far away. It'll be interesting to see how quickly Sparkle learns to be quiet in the car. My boy used to yodel all the way to the dog park and go ballistic if he saw another dog/cyclist/skateborder/squirrel/cat, etc. out the window. I started spraying him with a water bottle for both behaviors, and he has learned to control himself when he sees something 'upsetting', but nothing dampens his enthusiasm for the dog park. It's the only time he vocalises in the car. Mercifully, the park's not very far from home.