Monday, November 14, 2011

Suddenly Monday

A most productive weekend, although half the things on my list did not get accomplished.  Since I was busy for most of three days, the list must have been a bit too long!

Outdoor work is done, except for the gutters that need to be cleaned.  Shall call today and see if I can still get the "gutter guys" out this fall.  At least one of the downspouts is blocked, but since we have had no significant rain since June I keep forgetting!  Still need to water the trees and shrubs, but will continue doing that until the ground freezes.

While cleaning up dead hosta leaves I discovered that the cartoons of people all bent over who say they can not straight up are NOT funny.  Found myself in the same condition.  Ouch.  Can't put off the call to my health plan's back clinic.  Must be some exercises I can do as it's a problem when bathing dogs too.  My shoulders are doing better than usual, thanks to the stretching we do at work every morning, but my back needs some work before snow shoveling season.
Finally, the basement is clean!  Even scrubbed.  Basements in 100 year old houses are not exactly glamorous, and there is no way I could "finish" it and make a nice room down there, but it works fine for raising puppies and keeping fish.  Most of the fish tanks are in the fish room which is insulated and easy to keep warm, but there are others spread through out the basement.  Project for tonight is to prepare a tank for a dozen Dario dario aka "Scarlet Badis" youngsters.  Purchased these on Aquabid and am hoping to be able to breed them.   They're moving into an established tank that currently houses a Purple Spotted Gudgeon. Not sure where he will move too. 

Letty had a busy weekend too, as she entertained her niece Gemma one of the Penny puppies, and then went over to Gemma's
house for a sleepover.  Do little doggy girls have slumber parties?   She obviously had a great time but came home absolutely exhausted, and spent most of Sunday sleeping in the chair!

The handsome boy pictured at the top of the page is Sherman, the patched boy from Argus and Boji, Argie's first litter.  That litter of 8 had 2 patches, plus 6 pups good enough to show.  5 have finished their championships - Ben, Rita, Sam, Nati and Lucy.  A 6th boy also went to a home where we were supposed to have the right to show him.  An agreement is only as good as the people who make that agreement, and those buyers refused to even discuss it once they got the puppy and his paper work.  So there is a very handsome pet out there who perhaps could have been a show dog.  Hopefully, all is going well - but I wish I knew for sure.

House cleaned, dogs groomed, Dog Park for Argus, training for both Argus & Letty, paperwork done for my mother, dinner with her too, files reorganized, lots of computer time (I call that "work" as I am still learning the bells and whistles on the new one), excellent casserole made, what else?  Lots of things crossed off on my list.  I was really anticipating a three day weekend to get caught up (is a person ever really caught up?).

So why is it suddenly Monday? 

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