Thursday, January 26, 2012

Food Survey

There's a new food survey posted to Show Dals as well as to the DCA Members List.  If you belong to either list, please take a moment to respond.  There are only three questions that need to be answered, although extra details are always welcomed.

The surveys have been done twice in the past and the results were quite interesting.  With so many new products on the market, and so much more positive information available on raw diets, I thought it was time for a new survey as I still get requests for the old ones.

You can access the previous surveys at:

2005 Dalmatian Food Survey

2008 Dalmatian Food Survey

My goal is to get at least 100 responses.  I started with the Dal lists again because people who breed and show (conformation and/or performance) are more likely to put some thought into feeding their dogs properly.  Too many pet owners buy the cheapest thing on the market, or the most heavily advertised, and are not aware of such things as good coat, proper body condition, or even appropriate stool volume.  (Better foods may require only 2 or 3 cups to keep your dog in good condition, while cheaper foods made with lower quality ingredients may take many more cups of food to provide sufficient nutrition to maintain an active dog.)  I'm asking for both Brand and Variety since many dog food companies manufacture both low end and high end products.

The survey may be posted to Facebook later, depending on the response.  If you are an enlightened and educated Dal owner but do not belong to either list or Facebook, you can still respond.  Just let me know.

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Anonymous said...

My Dals ate Pro Plan Chicken & Rice puppy food until around one year (give or take a little depending on the specific dog) and then we gradually switched them over to Pro Plan Chicken & Rice adult formula. One of them gets Pro Plan Performance instead, as she is very very active and holds better weight and condition with it than with the basic adult formula. Over the past year, we have been adding raw meat & bones, fruits, veggies, eggs and random supplements into their evening meals, as well.