Saturday, June 9, 2012

No Changes Here

It often seems that a day or two after a new litter is announced, there is a follow up posting that says, "Oops, we were wrong."  After the excitement dies down, the whelping box is cleaned up and and the breeder starts to handle the pups, it becomes obvious that the count was off on how many pups of each sex, and whether or not those pups were black or liver.  Sometimes the assessment of color goes on for several weeks if the pups don't have enough nose trim for judging color, or if the liver noses are so dark as to appear black in low light situations.

After I bathed Pauli and changed the whelping box carpet, I took another look just to be sure I was right.  All pups STILL appear to be black (and the nose trim is filling in quickly) and there are still 3 boys and 3 girls.  Am sorry there are no liver boys, but that will keep me from being tempted, when it's really a girl pup I need to keep.

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